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Before we begin, I just want to clarify that comic book geeks are just like everybody else, we come in all shapes and sizes, and shouldn’t at all be treated any differently. These are just some things you can do that they would really enjoy, think of it the same way as how you would buy flowers for a girl or candy for someone who has a sweet tooth. By doing these few things, you would no longer feel as lost when your significant other starts ranting about how Infinity War is taking forever to be released in the cinema (guilty) or when he/she starts going on and on about how a certain scene from a movie relates to a certain comic book arc (also guilty). So here are 5 things you can do if you’re dating a comic book geek.


1. Watch ALL the movies and shows

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Okay, maybe not all, but maybe you should? I mean watching some of them would already give you a huge boost. Think of it this way, how cool would it be if you were out on a date and your significant other brings up a certain scene from a Marvel movie from awhile back and too his/her surprise, you actually share your opinion about it or show some evidence that you too have watched that movie? As a fellow comic book geek, that is simply music to my ears, it makes me feel like the conversation isn’t just one sided. Who knows, he might even ask you out on a date to watch the next Marvel movie that’s set to be released and then after talk about how it links to the previous movies. At that point, having armed yourself with the knowledge of some of those movies because you’ve watched it, you won’t be entirely lost when the conversations begins. On the other hand, television shows are just an added bonus but it not as important as the actual Marvel movies as shows don’t directly link to the movies.

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IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: If the Marvel movie date does happen, do not, I repeat, D-O N-O-T leave the cinema right after the movie ends. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been needing to go to the bathroom or have a missed phone call, do not move from your seat. You’ll thank me later. If you didn’t already know, Marvel has this thing where they almost always have after credit scenes right after the movie ends and after the credits roll. Imagine the pain your geeky boy/girlfriend would feel when you didn’t want to stay for probably the best part of the movie.


2. Easter eggs! Easter eggs! Easter eggs!

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The colored eggs that children find during Easter? Well, yeah except the whole movie is the Easter and you are that little child. Basically every time a geek goes for a comic book inspired movie, they don’t simply just sit back and enjoy the movie. It isn’t that simple. A part of them obviously does but most of the time they turn into a code break, eyes peeled Sherlock Holmes type character. That’s simply because Easter eggs can pop up at anytime anywhere in the movie. Okay if you don’t already know what the term Easter egg means when it comes to movies, it is simply references that can be linked either to a previous movie or comic book. It comes in all forms, maybe a billboard in the background during a fight scene or even a one liner said by one of the characters, so it’s not your boy/girlfriend isn’t interested in talking to you during the movie, his eyes are just continuously on ‘scan mode’.

Now it takes years and years of studying comic books and re-watching movies to master the art of spotting Easter eggs. For someone that isn’t necessarily a huge fan, it can be rather challenging. But have no fear! Here are three things you can look out for when watching a Marvel movie that are most definitely Easter eggs:

Stan Lee Cameo

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Stan Lee, the one man you need to know when it comes to Marvel. The creator of some Marvel comic characters has a habit of making a cameo in every single Marvel movie to date. Get familiar with his face because he is one of the easiest Easter eggs to spot when watching the movies. There would either be a glance of him during one of the sequences or at times he even says a line or two.

The After Credit Scenes

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As I mentioned earlier, after credit scenes are key when it comes to Marvel movies. Most of the time it can be either a funny scene that happens after the movie concluded to leave the viewers with a laugh or more importantly it can be foreshadowing events that might soon be taking place, making it an Easter egg. So pay very close attention after the credits roll. One of the earliest Easter eggs was the picture above, it was a scene after the first Iron Man movie, where Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D, comes to Tony about the idea of forming a team of extraordinary heroes. This, obviously, was a hint that somewhere down the road we would be seeing an Avengers movie where the team forms to fight for the common good. And of course, they did.

Name Drops and Props

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Another obvious way of spotting Easter eggs would be listening for name drops, this usually happens when a character talks about another character maybe about his whereabouts for example. This would link to previous movies in the sense that we get a hint of where the characters that aren’t shown in that particular movie are and what they may be doing. Props may sometimes be obvious Easter eggs too, for example the image above. If you’ve watched any movie that had Captain America in it, you would definitely be able to tell that the thing kind of looks like his shield.


3. Comic Books

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Now I know what you’re thinking, seriously? I have to read?! Hear me out, although there is a never-ending number of comic books out there. I don’t mean read every single one. I am for certain most geeks out there have not either. I’m just saying maybe investing some time into reading your significant other’s favorite comic book are arc wouldn’t do you any harm. I have a hack for this for those of you who simply just don’t feel like doing such a thing. Reading the detailed synopsis of the comic books actually do give you a whole lot of information about the story line. Of course personally I feel that it won’t be as fun as reading the book itself and following the visuals but reading the detailed synopsis of what happens is very fast and is a really quick read which also arms you with the key details that happened in the story. Reading up on key events that happened in the Marvel Universe, place where all the stories in the comic books happen, would also do you some good.


4. Get To Know Their Favorite Character(s)

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Knowing your significant other’s favorites are always important when it comes to a relationship. This is no different, when you are together, simply ask what his/her favorite superhero movie and character is and do a little study about them. You can even take a step further and find out their favorite villain and team. The picks are endless ranging from common characters like Iron Man to those only found in comics like Spawn (Yeah, you don’t know who that is do you). If you’re lucky, their favorite character can come from the movies, that would mean you already know a thing or two about them if you’ve watched the movie they were featured in. Doing a little Wikipedia search on them would simply give you some additional information. If the character is yet to have their own movie well, that’s a little tough because you have to start from scratch but don’t worry, an easy solution to this is simply as them about the character. Trust me when I say this, geeks are more than happy to share every single detail about something they’re passionate about, only if you show them that you are interested.


5. The Marvel Universe


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It’s kind of amazing isn’t it? The fact that there is a whole fictional universe with thousands of characters ‘living’ within it that is all just in paper. This is a little bit of extra information that you might want to know that would make your boy/girlfriend go ‘wow!’ when you bring it up during a conversation. It is important to know that the superheroes of the movies are not in anyway linked to the ones in the comics, what I mean is they are in their own universe separate from that of the one in the comics. That is known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This universe is split into 3 parts known at Phase 1, 2 and 3. It is important to watch the movies according to their phases in order to understand the continuity of the ‘bigger picture’.

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Now this is the tricky part but I will try my best to explain it to you. Now within the Marvel Universe itself, we have what is know at the ‘Multiverse’, this is the theory that there are an infinite number of universes from every comic book ever released by Marvel. Although the characters we may see within those comics or movies are identical by name, they are not the same entity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of those universes. It would be near impossible to list down every universe because the theory states that a new universe is formed at every ‘What if’ story, every alternate universe or reality, the games released by Marvel, the television shows and so on. This may be rather confusing for people who know minimal about comics but once again, would be a rather interesting topic to bring up and see how he/she attempts to explain it to you.

What Now?

If you decide to do any one of these 5 ideas before your next date or even during, I am certain your comic book geeky partner would realize it. You may get one of to replies: ‘Awww baby! You did this for me?’ or ‘Why does it sound like you actually know what I’m talking about?’ which is both not so bad now is it?

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