Hello week 6, or what I would like to call it, assignments galore. I’m currently in my second year and I have to admit, it hasn’t been the easiest ride.
There are many standards and expectations to meet, and with the pile of workload to complete, plus a life to live, I find it hard to juggle it all sometimes.
But it’s times like this when I get the opportunity to sit and reflect, where I think to myself: “you know, it could be worse.”
For example, there may be a deadline in 24 hours, and I’m still stressing about my grammar and reference list. BUT, I’m glad that I even managed to pull something together. It may not be the best, but I know I’m trying.
I don’t see myself as someone who is always on top of things. But I know that writing things down or making a list really helps me keep things in check. It also visualises the mess that is my mind, and when I actually look at what I need to get done, I take the effort to finish it. At the end of the day, it’s just very satisfying to check things off and see yourself progress.
Source: Making a simple list.
One thing that I realised this year, which I should’ve figured out a long time ago, is to study exam-related materials. And yes, I know it can be boring, but I always tell myself that it would make my lectures easier and I don’t have to worry about getting called out during tutorials.
At the end of the day, I guess it’s all about having the right mindset. Of course, I’m not the best student out there, and I know it’s hard at times. But personally, what’s important is focusing on the present.
Think about it this way, it’s the 6th week, and it may seem like the going gets tougher from here on out. But, constantly worrying about the future isn’t going to get us anywhere. So, let’s finish what we have now, it’ll make everything else easier.
Also, one more reminder: it’s never too late, you just gotta get your butt moving and you’ll be all set!

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