Last week, I had the chance to be guest on one of Radio Monash’s shows, Breaking Barriers. This week, it’s Muthia’s turn to be on the interviewee side. Muthia, the announcer, was excited to share with us her experience with Radio Monash (and more on personal stuff too). Find her playlist at the end of the interview!

Can you tell me about yourself?

Sure, my name’s Muthia, I’m a third year science student. This is my last sem and I’m equally terrified and excited to leave!

What do you do in Radio Monash?

I’m the publicity officer in Radio Monash, so I just handle and oversee the social media accounts the Radio has and any other publicity ventures we try to do. I’m also an announcer so I have shows every week on Tuesdays 4-6pm.

Any challenges being the Publicity Officer?

Hmm.. well it’s kind of a “you learn as you do it” kind of post. There’s no hierarchy in Radio Monash, so I just gather ideas from anyone in RMM on how to publicize the radio further, get our voice out there and heard, and help make that idea come to.. Reality? The hardest part is actually just getting things done, everyone’s a uni student and we all have assignments to do so it is hard to get things done fast.

Why did you join Radio Monash?

I joined cause I wanted to practice speaking without the daunting aspect of physically seeing people staring at me. The beauty of radio is that you don’t really know who’s listening, and unless they go on our Facebook page they won’t know who’s talking either. And that’s kinda cool. And I thought it would be fun to curate my own shows and talk about topics and play music that I think are cool.

What your show is about?

My show is called Breaking Barriers, and it’s an interview/ casual chat kinda show on Tuesdays from 4-6pm where I get different international students each week to come on the show and talk about lots of different things.

From which countries are your guests from?

So far the guests that has come to the show are from Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia and Brunei. I would love to get more students to come on the show, so if you’re interested you can email me at (mqon1 [at] I will give you free candy and coffee/tea/beverage of choice for your troubles. 🙂

from Sri Lanka,

to Pakistan,

the far away Mauritius,

until Brunei

What do you usually talk about?

I try to ask questions that people would want to ask international students. We usually discuss things such as their impressions of Malaysia, the differences about their home countries and here, tips on settling in and we talk about their culture too. I think that’s the best part, where they talk about their home countries, the food, music, and language. I also usually ask for tips on what to expect/ what to do/ not do if I were to go to their country, so that’s useful.

You yourself is an international student. How did you feel the first time you came here?

Honestly when I first came here it wasn’t much of a shock, Malaysia’s not too different from Indonesia. The public transport is better and the traffic is less congested than Jakarta so in that sense I felt more independent in travelling around KL. As for homesickness, that didn’t really hit me so hard, the people I’ve met are great and the heavy workload provided great distractions from feelings haha.

What do you usually do if you’re homesick?

To be honest I’ll just call my mum and ask her what she’s up to. Or I binge watch a good TV show for a while. Or I see if anyone’s free to hang out, cause being around other people also helps.

Besides Radio Monash, what do you usually do in your spare time?

Spare time is a rare commodity but I like to consume a lot of media, like tv shows and books and I also like to make and edit really angsty “art” videos in my spare time haha.

Can you give me a playlist of songs for our readers?

Sure thang, this is a playlist that has kept me company whilst studying since my A level days. The words might be distracting for some but I’ve become so used to them it just passes through my head now. It’s a roller coaster of a ride, have fun guys.

Breaking Barriers with Muthia airs weekly every Tuesday, from 4 to 6 p.m. Tune in to to enjoy her show!

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