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How To Drink

How To Drink

Well just pick up your drinks and CHUG THEM ALL!!!

Okay no, don’t do that unless you want to wake up in a random place surrounded by puke. Before I carry on, by now I’m sure you guys must know that I’m not talking about water; instead, the holy juice that is collected from our planets fermented products. This is for the alcoholics out there who just want a good time but end up in the opposite.

Prevention is better than cure, but to prevent we must understand the cause. So what causes nausea and other inconveniences to occur? When toxic substances enter your body, a signal is sent to the brain and that part of the brain sends back signals to remove the toxins in the form of vomiting it out. This process is pretty similar to what happens when we get food poisoning. Mainly, drinking alcohol in terms of amount or concentration causes major dehydration. I know it is odd that consuming more liquid makes you more dehydrated, but this is because alcohol suppresses the release of the hormone vasopressin, which normally replaces the water released by the kidneys back into the body. With the absence of vasopressin, that water is marked for the bladder and eliminated. Another dehydration effect is the inflammation of the stomach lining, which causes diarrhoea. Now that the causes have been stated, the prevention is pretty obvious… HYDRATE YO SELF! Pace your drinks well, with every shot balance it with water or even soft drinks. No, water will not slow down the effect of getting buzzed up (in case you’re worried about that). Don’t chug down glasses after another thinking that you are not getting buzzed because the effect would always come after a while. Also, you can slow down dehydration by snacking in the middle of your drinks to prevent the acid from building up in your stomach (This is vital for drinkers who has acidity or gas problems). Another few ways you can prevent your self from being nauseous is by sucking on lime or lemon; this will help refresh you. Stay awake! The amount of alcohol in your blood continues to rise even when you’re not drinking. That’s because alcohol in the digestive system carries on being absorbed into the bloodstream. Too much alcohol in the blood stops the body working properly. It is better to keep your self straight up.

This really doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wild night and that you won’t be able to caption your Instagram pictures as “blurry nights” because trust me, you’d probably still have a blurry night. This simply helps by preventing you from getting a shot at the nearest “kecemasan” to stop your crazy puking (not that I’ve gone through that :p). So most importantly, learn to enjoy the build-up! That way you won’t rush into getting burnt by tequila shots oozing down your throat and also stay alive and well throughout the night and the next day.

From This (Pic Credit: Tenor Gifs) To This (Pic Credit: Mpora)

download (3)tenor

A Gaming Phone? Razer’s New Gadget Coming Up!

A Gaming Phone? Razer’s New Gadget Coming Up!

If anyone of you are even a bit into gaming, you will definitely know the existence of a giant in the gaming machine and gadgets industries named Razer. It has been known for creating extremely powerful and practical laptops, keyboards, mouses, headsets, and many more, in the sole purpose of following its motto: for gamers, by gamers.

It is out of anyone’s expectation for the company to announce that they are creating another new gadget of gaming machine, but in the shape of a smartphone. Creating a so-called “gaming phone” has never been done before, and Razer is on its way of doing it.

Razer does not include any further information regarding the development of the phone, including the name, the specification, and the price. The phone is still in development, and is reportedly launch earliest in 2018. Here, we will do some guessing on what may be the features, capabilities, and problems that the phone may have.


Source:: The visualized version of Robin prototype.

On January 27th 2017, Razer Incorporation has decided to acquire NextBit, a company found on 2013 which focused on the development of a phone with ‘unlimited’ storage, called “Robin”. The storage of the phone will have cloud storage implemented into it. Basically, your phone storage is replaced with cloud storage, which allows storage of files in a specific location in the internet, each owned by an individual with the ability to share access. The development of the product is however discontinued due to the acquisition by Razer. It is unknown whether the research of cloud storage direct implementation is still on-going.


Source:: A popup notification stating the closure of “Robin” project when visiting NextBit website

My own speculation is that the new Razer phone might have this capability, which really suits the theme of a ‘gaming phone’. The usability of the cloud storage would allow the phone to contain many games with greater data size. Moreover, for non-gamers, cloud storage would be convenient for storing videos, photos, and more.

Razer, which has always been associated with the color black and neon green, would most likely paint their phone with the iconic colors, along with the triple-headed snake logo. I believe that the color would not look great on a phone, despite the futuristic and badass vibe that comes out of its previous gadgets, due to the fact that a phone will undoubtedly be carried around everywhere. With a bright neon color (which usually is very bright due to LED), the phone would look too obnoxious. Simplicity is the best Sophistication, they said.


Source:: Razer’s iconic black and green futuristic theme

Unfortunately, there is no such thing (yet) as a smartphone that is being commercialized as a “gaming phone”. A direct ‘comparison’ (because the phone is not even publicized yet) is not possible. However, it is safe to assume that the capabilities of the phone will be focused more on the RAM and graphic card, rather than usual smartphone focus such as physical appearances and camera resolutions. Battery life is one of the greater issues that a gaming phone with a high end processor would have, as it would take a lot of power to run it.

It is of my great interest to follow the development of this particular gadget. I would love to see the first gaming phone in the world, and I sure do hope that it would not suck.

Arts Students Are Worthless

Arts Students Are Worthless

“Oh, you’re an arts student? Can you draw?”

Yes, I am an arts student. No, I cannot draw. The only drawing classes I took are the compulsory Pendidikan Seni (Visual Arts) subjects in primary and high school. The only thing I remember from those classes is to cut a ladies finger, dip it in paint, and make random patterns on a canvas (Results may vary with choice of lady).


Most people carry the conception that an arts student has to know how to draw, especially amongst the older generation and even most of our generation. Admittedly, I used to be one of those people, which is why I – shamefully – used to shun them and think they’re not academically blessed. Who would have thought I would end up being an arts student?

But the fact of the matter is that studying arts does not necessarily mean you are learning how to draw. Arts, sometimes referred to as the humanities encompass many fields, such as linguistics, sociology, philosophy, theatre, media, and communications to name a few. You’re studying journalism? Congratulations, you are an arts student. You’re studying political science? Well, the title may say science, but it’s essentially an arts subject, so that makes you an arts student.

(Me? I found my calling in the English language, so I’m concentrating on writing.)


When you are an arts student, you hear and see many things. Discriminating looks, incredulous questions, baffling statements, and the inquiry of whether you can actually draw well. When you announce your field focus, they will then begin to think that you are just stupid. The inability to calculate a regression coefficient or dissect an innocent frog is naturally considered as stupidity – thank god I’m good enough at both that I managed to pass in SPM and make it to college, but that doesn’t mean I liked them, I despised math and science.

Here’s a true story:

When I was 16 and pressures were starting to pile on me regarding my future, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be. All I know is that I’m good at English, I may be good at math and science but I hate them, and I watch too many TV shows and movies.

And then I found that you can actually study writing, so far be it from me to ignore my calling. I like how writers are able to produce books or scripts entirely fictionally, and yet be so real. I love how people can use words to weave together beautiful stories – and sometimes, not so beautiful (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?) And I learned that I am good at this too.

When I told my family about what I want to do in life, my aunt said I’m wasting my time because communications only require you talking to people; my uncle said there are better things to do; and my dad tried to beg me to take up accounting instead.

Obviously, I ignored these naysayers and went ahead to pursue a degree in arts. Oh, Nicole, you rebel you.

Everyone thinks that being an arts student means you get off easy. Well, they have yet to try writing essays on postmodern theories and media structure, Marx and Althusser, media ownership and audience appropriation. It takes creativity and critical thinking to be able to produce our own ideas and thoughts. There is no concrete answer to an arts-related question. We are constantly confronted with ethical questions and more, so much so that we begin to doubt everything about life.

Everything is a social construct. Nothing is real. Not even this blog post.


Do not be ashamed that you are an arts student. Do not be ashamed that you are pursuing something along the lines of creativity instead of practicality. Do not be ashamed at all. Because without us, no one will be creative enough to be able to come up with so many inventions and bizarre concepts.

When people ask you why you choose to take up an arts course, you tell them that they wouldn’t have all the TV shows, movies, and books that they love so much without us.

Sure, it is far from easy. As of today, I’m tearing my hairs out trying to complete four assignments, along with two extracurricular activities. If you know me and you see me after the break, I may be bald. But here’s the thing, one day in the future, you might be making a mark in the world by putting a piece of your creativity in public.

Affordable Hacks For A Healthy Hair

Affordable Hacks For A Healthy Hair

If you’re reading this you’re probably a student (not making wild assumptions here but we are on a university website) who probably have issues up there. Before I start off, I just want to say that It’s completely normal guys and girls! It really is, I mean we all are probably too busy with our social lives, also our loaded assignments and studies that our hair is the least of our concern. Not to mention, that we agree to disagree that the water in this country (in a subtle context) gives us side effects. But not to worry, G is here to the rescue!

The Crazy Snowflakes

Nope, Not talking about actual cold snowflakes that you can use to build snowman’s but the flakes that grows on your hair. These flakes are formed by clumped up oils that forms in your head. There are a few reasons as to why these little annoying white guys appear which is normally due to an unsuitable hair shampoo, dirty sheets or surroundings, a not-so regular enough hair wash routine, a not-so proper hair wash routine and is also sometimes caused my hormonal changes or even stress! Besides me telling you to do the opposite of the problems mentioned above, as in wash your hair more regularly and properly, so on and so on. There are a few natural and affordable ways to get rid of it;

  • Lemon = Apply lemon juice to your scalp for an hour or so, wash your hair (if possible add lemon juice to the water as well) and don’t forget to scrub it properly and massage your scalp while you wash your hair.
  • Menthol Shampoos – Personally, Menthol shampoos always works for me, the minty sensation just refreshes and rejuvenates your scalp. And the after feeling is breezy too!
  • Baking Soda- This ingredient is used in a lot of home remedies when it comes to beauty, and yep it works for dandruff too! Just add a little baking soda with water or you could even mix it up with a little lemon juice and scrub your scalp softly. The scrubbing will remove flakes that stick onto your scalp. But remember to wash your hair intensely after, or else you’ll surely get rid of the flakes but replace it with baking flakes ( hehe).

Source : gyfcat.comPlumpWetFlatfish

The Niagara Falls

Again, Not talking about the beautiful and iconic waterfall but instead it’s your beautiful hair shedding and thinning making you go crazy because there isn’t a day where you don’t spot a piece of your hair on your sheets. Hair fall is pretty normal, research says that it is normal for women or people with longer hair to shed about 100 pieces of hair a day. But sometimes it’s extensive to the point of insanity. I know the feeling, I’ve been there. Hairfall is caused by a lot of factors such as, again… Stress, hormonal changes, diet changes, unsuitable shampoo, too much heating tools used, excessive use of hair products and even your eating habits. A few ways to prevent it;

  • Get a haircut, and start fresh! Your scalp is probably too weak to withhold the length of your hair which brings me to the next point..
  • NUTRIENTS, NUTRIENTS, NUTRIENTS! I cannot stress anymore on how important nutrients are for the growth of your hair, nails and basically your immune systems! Eat your veggies guys! And do some research as to which food are nutritious enough to keep your hair healthy! Omega-3s really helps!
  • Oil your hair, this is a traditional remedy in many cultures. Use up coconut oil, castor oil and even almond oil for your hair. You can mix these oil with tea tree oil, heat up garlic with it or even onions! I know it’s going to stink but it helps! It really does.

1Source : crazyyetwise.com

The French Fry

Yepp.. You guessed it! Oily hair! This is really normal when your hair is pretty sensitive and too smooth. Oily hair is mainly caused by dirt, dust and dirt! Other factors are similar to the ones mentioned above for the Niagara falls & the Snowflake. There are however, only two remedies that I’ve found helpful to fight off the fry!

  • Lemon Juice, helped for the snowflake, helps for this as well! The acid neutralizes the ph. of your hair that dries up the oil from it and gives a more voluminous look.
  • Baby powder, apply a little baby powder on your hair if you get too lazy to wash your hair. Baby powder can be used as a safer and softer alternative to dry shampoo.
  • And well, wash your hair regularly with cold water or room temperature water


Source: animalia-life-club.com

The Sahara Desert

Dried, sandy and lonely. Yes, this is for dried or damaged hair. This normally happens when you’ve excessively styled your hair with heating irons, hairdryers, hairsprays and other hair products or it can even be caused by an unsuitable shampoo. Here are some tips on fixing it:

  • Olive Oil & Coconut Oil, Slightly heat up the oil and massage your scalp and hair with it before you take it for a wash. Leave it for a couple of hours or for best results leave it over night.
  • Yogurt, Plain yogurts when applied to hair before wash gives out a really smooth after effect.
  • Some also suggest applying butter to your hair, although I’m not sure of the results it is recommended in articles.
  • Aloe Vera, This is also a traditional method which requires taking off an aloe plant and scraping the gooey juice on to your hair, if you want to be slightly more convenient then just get aloe juice or gel which also is an alternative!

images (3)

Source: vizeribeauty.com

Besides all the tips mentioned above, I must emphasize that it is much safer and less damaging if you wash your hair with cold or room temperature water. Hot and warm water tends to make hair more brittle as pores open up. These remedies will only help if you do it daily or every alternate days for visible results. And also don’t forget to let your hair breath, open it up and fault it, let some O2 travel through your pores. Stay stress free & if you have extreme hair problems then it would be best if you consult it with a professional. Hopefully, your hair would be as healthy and as flawless as hair shampoo advertisements on television! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks with G!

Source: beautyheaven.com

Bitcoins: (was) the Underdog

Bitcoins: (was) the Underdog

I reckon that Bitcoin is one of the most ‘unpopular’ forms of trading around several years ago. However, Bitcoin has suddenly caught the attention of people, given that anyone who has even a single Bitcoin is comparable to a person having thousands of dollars in their possessions. Congratulations to people who bought Bitcoins when it was the underdog.



Bitcoin is, simply, a currency. Bitcoins are able to be spent in order to trade other materials with similar value. However, it is not e-money, which are your country’s currency money that are turned into an electronic ‘value’ which then can be used similarly to money. Bitcoins are a form of currency called Cryptocurrency, which is also an asset existing only in the digital world, but is very secure due to the practice of using cryptography for every transaction done using the currency.

As of 17th September 2017, Bitcoin is worth approximately US$3550.00, which roughly translates to MYR15,500.00! If you have invested into Bitcoins in 2013, you would know that Bitcoins only cost US$22, which would result in 16,100% profit in just 4 years! I do wish that I have a time machine so I can tell my younger self to invest in Bitcoins.



The question of how does Bitcoin gets its value in such a short time rises. First , as the so called Cryptocurrencies are getting better known, it gets even easier to access the currency. This allows Cryptocurrencies (not just Bitcoins) to acquire more value as it gets easier. Secondly, of course, the traditional sense of money is starting to change, leaving papers and coin behind. The need for faster cycles and easy management of currencies encourages people to allow Bitcoins to be used as a currency, thus increasing Bitcoins’ circulation in companies.

Currently, Bitcoins can be used for payment in certain companies. From December 2014, companies such as Microsoft, and Dell have been accepting Bitcoins as a payment for several of their products. Bitcoin also works well with Paypal, which allows the bitcoins to be transferred to other people and/or companies.



Unfortunately, Bitcoin, with its high value, is also currently used as a ransom in the cybercrime territory. Recently, the attack of Petya Ransomware will prevent any access to any part of your computer. It will then demand a certain amount of bitcoin to be sent at a certain account in order for the creator of the malware to send a key to ‘open’ access into your computer. A reminder to update your operating system and security i.e. antivirus!

The 2 Kinds of People

The 2 Kinds of People


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about 2 kinds of people, and during this conversation we realized how many “2 kinds of people” we could name and list out. So here are the 2 kinds of people in every situation.

Let’s start of with something light yes? Source: Reddit


Now let’s clear the waters, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It starts with a G and it is pronounced Gr not Gi. So by right it should be GIF right? Here’s where it gets interesting. The creator of the GIF, Steve Wilhite says it’s pronounced JIF. Now whether or not he’s playing devil’s advocate or simply thinks it should be pronounced that way, I have no idea. Although in grammatical terms GIF would be correct, but if the man who created it said it should be pronounced this way, is there really much of an argument there?

HOWEVER, if we are on the side of the creator simply because he is the creator, is that valid? Even the oldest traditions, inventions and/or conventions are changed over time. So can we argue that he simply made a mistake? Therefore giving us creative room to determine for ourselves?

Source: Pinterest

Sauce on the Fries vs Sauce on the Side

This could be down to just the way you enjoy your fries, and for the sanctity of all things fried and potato, I must declare that I mean no malice in the following text.

Let’s play a mini-quiz:

Are you:
Well organized?
Use forks a lot?
Raise a pinky when you sip your tea?

If you answered in the affirmative for the above, odds are you’re a sauce on the side person.

You like things clean and easy to look at, everything is in its place and in its place it will stay. It directly reflects on how you like your saucy fries, with the fries in the containers and sauce on the side of a plate, you pick your fries up one at a time and dip, roll, slide and dab your fries in a repetitive orderly fashion. You eat at a slow, steady pace, appreciating every bite and all the little things in life.

With that being said, if you aren’t in the majority of the above, are you:
Very hands on?
Enjoy immersion?
Chug cups of coffee in the morning?

If you answered in the affirmative for these questions, you’re probably inclined to marinate your fries in gallons of sauce.

You like to get things done quickly and efficiently, it’s not exactly the cleanest way to go about things, but it gets the job done. You also love the taste of sauce, you enjoy the sight of marinated fries in ketchup/chili, you hork it all down so fast and then you chug a large cup of coke down your gullet, you sit back, relax and let it all sink in. That’s enjoyment.

Source: Alive

Chewing with Mouth Open vs Mouth Closed

If you chew with your mouth closed, you’re probably self conscious, courteous, care about letting everyone enjoy their food and generally are cool people to hang around.

If you chew with your mouth open you are a bane to humanity. I read on an article that if we’re annoyed by loud chewing it might be a mental illness. I say nay, I say that all open mouth chewers are the problem, they are the blight of human existence, you do not deserve nice things.


Source: 2 Kinds Of People

Milk to Cereal vs Cereal to Milk

Now here’s what I don’t understand about people who pour their cereal after their milk. DO you pour your hot water before your coffee? NAH, because you want all the powder to melt into the water and mix well, if you pour the powder into a cup of water, a good majority of the powder stays afloat in the cup and doesn’t get mixed. The same concept applies to cereal and milk, you put your base substance in before the solvent for the perfect mix.

Plus if you pour cereal into milk it’ll probably splash everywhere so HAH, YOU DESERVE THE MESS YOU’VE MADE FOR YOURSELF WITH SUCH TERRIBLE DECISIONS.


Source: TechWorm

Apple vs Android

Alas, it has come to this, like all basic primal instincts, we must compare the fruit to the machine, the Jobs to the.. whoever made Android. To be fair to Android, they’ve definitely gotten their edge in late on, Apple has been playing catch up for a little while now. It honestly looks like because Android started to progress really well, Apple decided to make drastic changes (i.e. no earphone jack) and even now with removing the fingerprint scanner.

If you like Android, you are most likely:

Not a hypebeast
Enjoy being different
Enjoy bashing Apple whenever Apple users think that they have a new and exclusive function

If you like Apple, you are most likely:

A hypebeast
Takes lots of instagrammable photos with deep captions
A slave to Apple products and can never change from it because it’s all you ever know and as much as you complain about how much the prices hike up or how extreme the changes are, you’ll buy into it because you a SL4VE

Okay thanks for reading, bye!

Confisticating prohibited items in student residence – Views from students and management.

Confisticating prohibited items in student residence – Views from students and management.

On Thursday, 14th September 2017, I was leaving my apartment when all of a sudden the management staff of Sunway Monash Residence (SMR), entered without prior notice and asked me if a large induction cooker sitting on the dining table was mine. I replied no, it is my housemate’s. I did not leave the apartment yet as I was curious as to why did they ask me if it was mine and what were they planning to do with it. The management proceeded to wrap the induction cooker in a large, black plastic bag. My other housemate living in the 8th room came out of a sudden and we left the unit. On the way out we discovered a trolley filled with labeled plastic bags and most of them contained induction cookers.

That afternoon, I proceeded to the residence’s office to ask one of the management how many items did they confiscate and why were they doing it now. A quick check with the management told me that they have stated in the rules and regulations booklet that they have the right to confiscate prohibited items any time without prior notice because it is avoiding bias since they have the right to evict students because they have breached the tenancy agreement. A staff member wanted to be known as ‘S’ said “Confiscating serves as a warning, actually in Sunway Monash Residence, although drastic measures can be taken. This is because many items were confiscated and if we were to evict a mass number of residents, it would tarnish SMR’s name as an unsafe residence.”

According to the clauses in the rules and regulations handbook of Sunway Monash’s Residence, it is stated in clause 6.2(c) that among the prohibited items include hot plates, induction cookers, and multi cookers. It is also clearly stated in clause 16.5 that ‘The Residence Management reserves the right to take necessary action it deems fit in the event that items not in the approved list are found in any room or unit. This may include removal of such items and the imposition of any other penalty.’

Later that evening, I asked my housemate whose roommate was the person to which the induction cooker belonged to. Apparently, she went home for the weekend but she received a phone call from the management earlier. She chose to remain anonymous because she felt embarrassed such a thing happened to her. When she was asked if was she aware of the clauses in the tenancy agreement when she signed the paperwork, she replied with a ‘Yes’. When she was proceeded to ask her why would she bring an induction cooker to the unit even though she was aware of the rules and regulations, she replied saying “It much easier to fry an egg or cook bigger portions of food like chicken in it than a rice cooker.” In my opinion, she could be a little practical but lazy because she could always buy a carton of eggs from 7-11 and store them in the refrigerator in the student lounge but then I realized they might get stolen. She can, however, buy one of those cute, small non-stick frying pans in Daiso or any supermarket to fry an egg with or make pancakes out of it. Moreover, when I emphasized that Sunway Monash’s Residence has its own student lounge with two induction cooker stoves and ovens plus refrigerators and students are allowed to use them, my housemate replied with.”

To use those facilities, I would need to slot my OCR card which would charge me an overhead which adds to my air conditioning bill. Induction cookers take up a lot of electricity and if I use it in our unit, I don’t need to waste my prepaid credit or incur extra charges for using one.” This actually shows the hypocrisy of SMR’s policy where we are charged for electricity to use the induction stove in the student lounge instead of using a personal one in our unit.

However, there are two sides to this conflict. On the resident’s side, living in Sunway City is costly and as a student, most of us would try to save costs wherever and whenever possible and one way to do it is through cooking our own meals. Yes, the appliances which are permitted include a toaster but how long can we go on eating the monotonous toast every day? Residents can’t be microwaving food every time too because it could be potentially cancerous. On the management’s side, they are imposing a fee to use the appliances in the lounge but they are also showing a strong concern about the overall safety of the residents.

In my opinion, it is a little silly to breach the tenancy agreement of using prohibited items in the apartment units. This is because induction cookers may cause short circuits to occur which would lead to a fire and due to safety reasons, it is wise for this item to be prohibited. This is why SMR prohibits some electrical appliances in the first place which could cause a fire. Buying an induction cooker is way more expensive than just paying a small overhead fee for using the ones in the student lounge. Residents would just need to book the time they are planning to use it, that’s all. The pros about booking a time slot are one, there are eight burners on one stove and together there are two which makes 16 burners available. Also, the lounge has CCTV surveillance and the security guards are always patrolling. If any an emergency such as a fire occurs, the guards would know what to do and the residents would just need to take the stars on the floor down to safety. Imagine if a fire occurs in my apartment on the 15th floor, us girls would be screaming frantically not knowing what to do and panicking. We’d suffocate with the amount of smoke in the building and since the elevators don’t come up quick enough, we would die than trying to run down flights of stairs. The male residents could get to safety easier though since they are located on the lower levels. The ultimate con is the charging of the electricity based on one OCR card only. From my experience, my friends and I have used the oven and microwave in the student lounge. Five of us would like to share a meal but one person needs to volunteer to use their card. The meter doesn’t usually tell you how much of prepaid is being minus offed from the card and most of us residents don’t really care because the food is what unites us and not some electricity fee at the end of the day.induction stove in Sunway Monash's residence in student lounge induction stove in Sunway Monash’s Residence’s student loungeAmong the electrical appliances in the student lounge; a microwave and an oven Among the electrical appliances in the student lounge; a microwave and an ovenThese are the card slots with meters which residents need to insert their cards into so they can use the electrical appliances in the student lounge These are the card slots with meters which residents need to insert their cards into so they can use the electrical appliances in the student lounge

Sunway Monash Residence is by far one of the best residences around Sunway city to provide so many facilities to make it very conducive for students to live here and I suggest the residents make full use of them. Among the facilities include the complimentary monthly laundry, the gym and swimming pool, the basketball court which I have played on many times since Monash University’s court is usually full most of the days. The student lounge is also pretty cool with a game room, a study area with discussion rooms, a slide, a movie room and a kitchen with two island tables, fridges, induction stoves, ovens, and microwaves. However, the essential necessity, WiFi is still the worst problem yet to be fixed by the management because it trips every time and us students need to use it to study and complete our assignments. Why even the internet was disconnected two times when I was trying to save this post and I had to recollect what I typed out and it was frustrating.

What does cooking as a student feel like to you? Do share your experiences and views. Thank you. Have a pleasant week ahead! :)


How to Discuss Old Movies without Watching Them (Part I: 1940-1960)

How to Discuss Old Movies without Watching Them (Part I: 1940-1960)

Movies are becoming battles of CGI technologies. The contest of the heaviest, fast-paced actions yet look somehow realistic. Their plots don’t progress much. Watching them in the cinemas has become an experience of fight scenes flashing every 5 seconds or so. It could have been an epic storytelling journey – aren’t these people gods or somewhat super-humans?. The definitive moment of narrative storytelling movies go back to the end of silent films; an era glamorously called Hollywood’s Golden Age. By the time the style matured, the industry has produced many movies that became classics. In the entertainment media, sprinkles of references to these movies are everywhere. Yet, they are hard to watch – at least for us millennials who worship HD screens religiously and hence can’t go back from HD contents. So I have few movies for ya – to help with those pop culture references you kinda but don’t get at all.

Citizen Kane (1941)

Yes, Kane as in the title of the movie. Photo Source: Giphy

This movie is black and white, so bear with me. Citizen Kane starts with Kane on his deathbed, said “Rosebud” and died. The movie then follows a reporter who investigates why Kane, a newspaper tycoon, would utter “Rosebud” as his last word. Citizen Kane then progressed as the reporter interviewed those who were close to Kane, as they recounted their times with him. The reporter then found out Kane’s version of the American Dream; from his family’s poverty to the grooming he received when his parents sent him away to live with his mentor. Funnily, since the recounts are from the people who witnessed the event, the reliability of the events are questionable. Each person injected how they felt about Kane into their own view of the event. Alongside that, the ongoing theme in Kane’s life is isolation; he always ended up alone. The impactful take-home note of Citizen Kane is that material things don’t necessarily make you happy. At the end of the day, having someone to share them with is the most cherishable moment there is.

Aren’t we all? Photo Source: Giphy

The release of the movie attracted controversy since it seemed like it fictionalized particular events and individuals in William Randolph Hearst’s life, a newspaper mogul. Hearst and his newspaper warriors even pressured the theatres to boycott the movie. Alas, the movie was finally released on May 1, 1941. The movie, however, went on to be dubbed as the most influential movie of all time. Amongst the long list of movies influenced and/or compared to Citizen Kane are Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather, Memento and The Social Network. It did, however, fades away from view until its revival in 1956, 15 years after its original release.

Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

The infamous scene. Photo Source: Giphy

I’m singin’ in the raaaain, just singin’ in the raaaain what a glorious feeeeling I’m haaaappy again

Now don’t tell me that you didn’t sing along to the lyrics above. You may not know the movie, but you definitely have encountered the song. Singin’ in the Rain is a musical, which follows three performers in 1920s as they transitioned from silent movies to “talkies”, as in sound films or normal movies for us in the 21st century. The movie revolves around the issues tied with the introduction of sound into the film; from strong accents to unsynced conversations. Its charms never fail to amuse me – Gene Kelly’s iconic “Singin’ in the Rain” is timeless. The list of this song’s references in pop culture is endless – from the controversial rape scene in A Clockwork Orange to Glee’s mashup of the song with Rihanna’s Umbrella. It is regarded as the best musical ever made and still stands by its honour for half a century. It doesn’t only account its fame to the song – remember, it’s a musical. In total, there are 12 songs sprinkled around the movie and one of them cost them $600,000 to produce! It’s definitely a classic.
The reference in The Clockwork Orange. Photo Source: Giphy
And the mashup in Glee. Photo Source: Giphy

12 Angry Men (1957)

Do you realize there are only 11 hands up? Photo Source: Giphy

To be honest, this is one of the old movies that I can bear to watch, albeit the absence of colours. 12 Angry Men is set mostly in the jury room; in fact, outside of the jury room was only shown for three minutes of this 96-minute movie. As the title goes, the story follows a jury of 12 men in the jury room. The plot revolves around their deliberation of the guilt or acquittal of an 18-year-old slum boy who is accused of murder. If he is found guilty, he would be given the death penalty. The basis of the boy’s defence is reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt is the principle whereby the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The plaintiff only has two questionable witnesses and a claim to a rare switchblade as the murder weapon. The deliberation starts with everyone vote guilty except for one; Juror 8. As the jury has to reach a consensus, the “12 angry men” discuss the facts of the murder and one by one side with Juror 8 until they reach a unanimous vote.
Le murder weapon. Photo Source: Giphy

12 Angry Men explores the issues with reaching consensus with different personalities and personal values. The tension felt during the movie arises from personality conflict, dialogue and body language instead of action. Roger Ebert praised the movie as “a masterpiece of stylized realism – the style coming in the way the photography and editing comment on the bare bones of the content”. The movie, however, deprives each of the character’s individualism by referring to each other by juror number, the defendant as ‘the boy’ and the witnesses as ‘the old man’ and ‘the lady across the street’.

You may think that old movies aren’t as good as recent ones, but you may be wrong. Sure, they lack the CGI technologies that we all know and love, yet they progressed the industry so much in terms of editing and most importantly, sound. As the incorporation of sound matured, the industry produced brilliant movies such as described above – and significantly affect the film industry since then.

If it’s stupid but it works…

If it’s stupid but it works…

It ain’t stupid.

I still remember the first time I lived away from home in Singapore, almost 5 years ago. During that time, smartphones had literally JUST become trendy amongst youth all around the world, which started to demolish the competition against phones with physical buttons (remember those sweet Nokia N-Gage? Those were the days). It was almost impossible to imagine that a huge rectangular piece of electronic touch-screen plate would be the staple of today’s lifestyle, back in those days.

the future is now editsource

I stumbled on some of unusual, innovative gadgets that might seem to be really weird, but should be very useful for our daily lives. It just might be a possibility that some of these inventions may not seem so weird in the next 5 or 10 years.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be an advertisement. The writer does not have any affiliation to any of the companies developing the products listed below.
  1. AirBar – Touchscreen without Touchscreen


Let’s start off with the less weird gadget. AirBar offers an opportunity for non-touchscreen laptop users to apply such facility to their own machine. It uses a sensor which should be put directly below the screen. There is a USB cable on the sensor, which can be easily plugged into the laptop. The sensor will then detect any movement on top of the laptop screen. It does not matter what you use to navigate: fingers, stylus, sausages, etc. As students, this gadget could be useful as a note-taking device (if by any means you are less proficient in typing than writing on screen, or you are not bringing a book with you) or as a drawing media. This gadget is priced at MYR500.00, which is more money than you can shake a stick at.

Be ready to turn your laptop into a smartphone. A huge one, that is.

Tl;dr: Touchscreen for non-touchscreen laptops. Connect sensor to USB and you are good to go.

  1. Bruno SmartCan – It’s Garbage can, not Garbage cannot.


Bruno SmartCan is a trashcan complete with a vacuum cleaner on the bottom part of the can (I have no clue why ‘Bruno’ is the name chosen for this). The vacuum part will suck any small objects under it. All you have to do is to sweep the cookie crumps, hair, and dust on the bottom part of the can. Bruno can be connected to your phone, both iOS and Android. It has a specific application to remind you about the garbage day when you need to take out the trash. Despite the weird but useful idea, the design is pretty sleek and futuristic, so it would still be aesthetically pleasing. Being the lazy students that we are (feel free to beg to differ), this trash can would serve a legitimate purpose in keeping our room clean.

In the end, you still need to sweep the floor with a broom, though.

Tl;dr: A trashcan with vacuum on the bottom. Throw trash on top, sweep bits on bottom.

  1. Sensorwake Oria – Wake up, put a brush and put on a little make up.

https _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_335598_f3d208ab-05bc-4ba9-9cf5-20038e4b4099


This small and sleek alarm clock would wake up you up just like any other alarm clock, and then some. It is said to be able to wake you up with “a stimulating pleasant scent, a breathing light and a melody”. The uncommon and soothing way to wake you up would reportedly link memory and emotions with smell, which would always wake you up in good mood. There are capsules that can be inserted into the alarm clock to release the aroma, which can be refilled and 100% eco-friendly. The dodgy element is that they only advertise the aromas that are easy on the nose. It is reported (not credible, mind you) that they also have more ‘delicate’ aromas, i.e. pungent, such as bottom gaseous excrement full of urea. For you who have troubles waking up in the morning for those troublesome morning classes, you can get these alarm clocks for approx. MYR340.00.

Wake up happy or wake up snappy, the clock will work.

Tl;dr: Alarm clock which releases odor. Pick your poison.

There are 3 gadgets listed here, but there are definitely more wacky inventions that is actually quite useful. Who knows, you might be the one creating a whole new trend in the future.

Growing Up Malaysian

Growing Up Malaysian

I sit here and I stare at moving scenes,

as I start to ponder then reminisce,

How the days growing up flew by,

so fast it could make me cry.

Where do I begin? I really don’t know,

Memories don’t cascade but like a waterfall, they rush and flow,

I remember the games we used to play,

spinning tops, Pepsi Cola, or even getting dirty in clay,

a smile starts to etch,

thinking about the thrill of playing ‘Batu Seremban’ and catch,

why even losing my marbles literally and not was worth it for a match.

What is the best about Malaysia, honestly?

The food most positively!

From our desserts that help us to keep us cool,

Ice cream potong, ABC and Chendol,

to our favorite dishes,

Nasi Lemak, Dosai, Chapatti, Roti Canai Fried Kuey Tiew,

Nope, no one can say they have had it ‘Kaw Kaw’!

Let’s travel back in time to our school days,

how we did not have air conditioners and we’d be in a daze,

concentrating on vandalism on the desks than teaching by chalk and duster,

Classes back to back so we students get grades of the same cluster,

Or else our Asian parents would threaten to disown us if we tell them we can’t have the courage to muster,

Hmm, what about Malaysian public transport?

always packed like a can of sardines without a doubt,

but what is there to complain,

at least we have commodities

which has been converted into necessities.

Growing up Malaysian,

Is truly Asian,

but I would never ever trade my memories,

because they would last and be told to my grandchildren as stories,

for more than centuries.