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How To Drink

How To Drink

Well just pick up your drinks and CHUG THEM ALL!!!

Okay no, don’t do that unless you want to wake up in a random place surrounded by puke. Before I carry on, by now I’m sure you guys must know that I’m not talking about water; instead, the holy juice that is collected from our planets fermented products. This is for the alcoholics out there who just want a good time but end up in the opposite.

Prevention is better than cure, but to prevent we must understand the cause. So what causes nausea and other inconveniences to occur? When toxic substances enter your body, a signal is sent to the brain and that part of the brain sends back signals to remove the toxins in the form of vomiting it out. This process is pretty similar to what happens when we get food poisoning. Mainly, drinking alcohol in terms of amount or concentration causes major dehydration. I know it is odd that consuming more liquid makes you more dehydrated, but this is because alcohol suppresses the release of the hormone vasopressin, which normally replaces the water released by the kidneys back into the body. With the absence of vasopressin, that water is marked for the bladder and eliminated. Another dehydration effect is the inflammation of the stomach lining, which causes diarrhoea. Now that the causes have been stated, the prevention is pretty obvious… HYDRATE YO SELF! Pace your drinks well, with every shot balance it with water or even soft drinks. No, water will not slow down the effect of getting buzzed up (in case you’re worried about that). Don’t chug down glasses after another thinking that you are not getting buzzed because the effect would always come after a while. Also, you can slow down dehydration by snacking in the middle of your drinks to prevent the acid from building up in your stomach (This is vital for drinkers who has acidity or gas problems). Another few ways you can prevent your self from being nauseous is by sucking on lime or lemon; this will help refresh you. Stay awake! The amount of alcohol in your blood continues to rise even when you’re not drinking. That’s because alcohol in the digestive system carries on being absorbed into the bloodstream. Too much alcohol in the blood stops the body working properly. It is better to keep your self straight up.

This really doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wild night and that you won’t be able to caption your Instagram pictures as “blurry nights” because trust me, you’d probably still have a blurry night. This simply helps by preventing you from getting a shot at the nearest “kecemasan” to stop your crazy puking (not that I’ve gone through that :p). So most importantly, learn to enjoy the build-up! That way you won’t rush into getting burnt by tequila shots oozing down your throat and also stay alive and well throughout the night and the next day.

From This (Pic Credit: Tenor Gifs) To This (Pic Credit: Mpora)

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The Old Taylor Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

The Old Taylor Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

Because she got tired of being ostracized and villainized by the media and public that she killed herself.

Oh, you hate Taylor Swift? That’s not new. Everyone hates Taylor Swift, for one reason or another – none at all. But do you hate Taylor Swift for a specific reason, or because you’re just following the trend of hating Taylor Swift? Which one is it?

What has she ever done wrong to warrant your hate for her? Or better yet, what has she ever done right that you have wilfully ignored because you are sexist and you cannot stand the idea of a female, blonde, and young artist being more successful than your favorite male artist?


There once was a girl who moved to Nashville to pursue her musical dream, became the youngest artist to sign with Sony, and produced a self-titled debut album that landed her at the top of the charts for weeks. There once was a girl who was talented enough to write almost every single song on each of her album, and all of them were beautiful and melodic. There once was a girl who was recognized for her talent and won many awards, only to have one of them being upstaged by a sexist Trump supporting rapper who got butt hurt.

There now is a woman who is tired and so done with the media and the public’s crap about her that she made an album about her reputation.

She has been called many things: snake, fake, unworthy, untalented, slut, whore, bitch, thief, greedy, Trump supporter etc., and her first single from her new album calls out every single that the media and the public has said about and called her. And it is marvelous.

She tried shaking it off, but the media and y’all just wouldn’t leave her alone, so why not embrace it and make music out of it?


Don’t complain about her new music being completely different from her old one. Don’t complain about her being vindictive and unforgiving. Don’t complain about her no longer being the sunshiney artist that she used to be. Don’t complain at all.

Impressed, is what you should be. Taylor Swift managed to write and produce a diss track without so much as a curse word. Ask Big Sean. Ask 50 Cent. Or better yet, ask Kanye West. Will they be able to do the same thing with their music?

Everyone has their limits, and the same goes to Taylor Swift. She has reached her tipping point, and do you really blame her? For years, she has had to endure a tremendous amount of hate for absolutely nothing and everything. For years, she has had to keep her views to herself because everything she says can easily be taken out of context – the media is extremely good at that. For years, she kept quiet and mum and she took everything everyone threw at her in stride.

Now, she’s blown up. And y’all are still complaining? She had to kill her old personality to cater to the media’s perception of her. She has gone to such a point where she meets everything head on, rather than ignore it.

So yeah, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. There is no more shaking it off, no more country music, no more songs about fairytale love stories with Romeo and Juliet ended up getting married. She’s done with that, and she’s coming back with a vengeance.

And nobody but the media and the public did that.

“What happened to Taylor?”

“Don’t pretend to be a good rapper.”

“Ugh, I miss the old Taylor.”


If you miss the old Taylor that much, go listen to her previous albums. She has four of them.

I, for one, am going to sit here, and relish in the utter bitterness that she’s poured into her album. And I’m gonna be proud of this woman for finally standing up for herself.

Beginners guide to clubbing in KL!

Beginners guide to clubbing in KL!

Weekends or Weekdays, Kuala Lumpur is the City that never really sleeps. As students we work hard and well, we deserve to play hard. What better way to go crazy and just forget about all of your worries besides dancing it out? I know a lot of you have other personal escapades but clubbing is an adventure you can experience as a team especially in uni! It’s the perfect years of your lives, you’re old to have fun, yet young enough to not have responsibilities to stop you from doing it!

Don’t stop reading just because you’re below 21. Before I go on I just have to mention that ladies! You have more privileges here when you go for clubbing, Wednesdays and Thursdays are your night! Free booze and free entry, so being broke isn’t a reason not to go out for my ladies out there.

Alright, so let’s get to the bottom of this. There are two areas in KL where youngsters go most to for clubbing as far as I’ve experienced from being here, one is an area called “Trec” (details of address will be given below).

Trec is basically an area with bars and clubs all around it. It’s where the infamous Zouk is! I’m pretty sure if you guys have asked around about the night life in KL, Zouk would be one of the names mentioned. The reason Zouk is a hyped up club in KL is because it is a popular branched club from Singapore. Unlike other clubs, Zouk has sections or rooms with different themes to it. One area would play techno music, one would play EDM, one would play some chilled out jams. The only problem is that Zouk has tightened up their security as of late, so you’re pretty much gambling unless you’re above 21. For Zouk, Ladies Night is only on Wednesdays, but do refer to their site for other events on their website. But don’t worry if you don’t get into Zouk, there are pretty chill bars around that place and a pretty okay club called Le Noir. You could also have a slightly more chilled out night at Como or Reggae Bar.


( pic credit : Yahoo News Singapore )

The other area is called Changkat — this is an area close to Bukit Bintang and I would say it’s slightly more tropical and less modern than Trec. The average crowd in Chankat tends to be slightly older, though. The main club that people go to there is called Zion, which is probably the biggest club in Changkat. Oh! And if you’re on a budget there is this Bar near by Zion called ‘Rabbit Hole’ where shots are at a very reasonable price and there was this promo for 6 shots of Jagger at a very very reasonable price!

Photo source: Kee Hua Chee

Other than Changkat and Trec, there are certain areas in Bangsar like Nexus mall that has sports bars, the one I have specifically in mind is called ‘Hall Of Fame’ in this bar they have games like darts, beer pong and other fun drinking games. Damangsara is also known to have some bars and clubs which I’m not so familiar with. Still yet to explore. I’ll write reviews on it once I get the chance to look around that area. But for now I guess these will do.


  • ALWAYS bring your IC or ID or Passport
  • Bring AT LEAST 50RM
  • Pre-drink with your own bottles if you’re on a budget
  • ALWAYS go with a group to stay safe from the creep
  • Dress Up! No flip-flop guyss ( avoid white shoes, it’ll be a painful experience, trust me! )
  • When Grab has a surge, check Uber ( vice versa ) Try to enable payment with your credit/debit card! No one wants to pay for your ride when you’re a hot mess. 
  • DONT STOP DANCINGGG! Have fun & Stay Safe guyss! <3

TREC- 436, Jalan Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CHANGKAT – Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NEXUS MALL – 7, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GIF sources: Giphy

Melons and Cucumbers: It’s exactly what you think (or maybe not)

Melons and Cucumbers: It’s exactly what you think (or maybe not)

Sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about melons and cucumbers.

Okay, we are all adults – or almost adults – we can talk about these things. Let’s not all gasp in fright here, because it’s not sex that we are going to be talking about. Instead, let us talk about nudity in pop culture, yeah? Once again, let’s not all gasp in fright here, because it is honestly not that big of a deal.

Now, let’s think about all the movies or television shows you’ve seen which contain nudity. Then let’s remember how many times your parents have walked in on you watching a movie or a television show just when there’s a nude scene or sex scene. I swear, the universe just has something against us. However, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Anyway, ignore the parents-walking-in thing, and think about the nude scene that you may have watched or are currently watching (no judgment here). And what do we see?


We have a big problem – no puns intended.

In so many television shows and movies that are rated 18, we expect to see nudity, that’s a given. However, when we expect to see nudity, we also expect to see, mostly, boobs. Breasts. Tits. Jugs. Bahama mammas. Hooters. Busts. Twins. Melons. Whatever you call them, honestly.

And yet, where are the wieners? Penises. Dicks. Cocks. Tools. Bananas. Cucumbers. Once again, whatever you call it. The only times penises are seen on screen are in pornography. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it is time for Hollywood to learn something from the Pollywood – geddit?

For example, Game of Thrones. Sometimes we can get as many as three sex scenes in only one episode, and all we see are boobs. Or Fifty Shades of Grey, for that matter. If you are going to do a movie about sex, you better do it right, and you show one long close-up of Christian Grey’s dick to further emphasize on Anatasia’s first-person exaggerated description of his dong.

We see a number of gratuitous female nudity on screen, and that may seem normal, but it’s definitely not okay. It’s not fair to actresses, and frankly, it’s not fair to actors as well. This is a matter of gender equality here, people. If women can show their boobs, then men can very well show their penises on screen with pride.

And if there comes a day when they actually show one of them dongs, please don’t look like Steve Harvey. It is possible that you will see it for yourself on someone else, or you see it on your person.

Honestly, Hollywood needs to step up.

Heteronormativity: There Can’t Be That Many Straights

Heteronormativity: There Can’t Be That Many Straights

*coughs* Sorry, but I think I’m sick of it.

To be heteronormative is to assume that heterosexuality is a given in terms of sexuality, instead of many other possibilities – let’s say, lesbians and gays. A heteronormative assumption is to assume that a boy will gr0w up to be a man who will marry a woman, or vice versa. A heteronormative practice will be to write books where the characters only portray heterosexuality. A heteronormative pattern is when the media – TV shows, movies, radios, and music etc. – outlines the story with the assumption that every character is very much straight.

This week, let us talk about the assumption that our society is only filled with straight people; there is no other variety; and the annoying way that the media keeps trying to shove it down our throats. Let’s make one thing clear, there is nothing wrong with being straight, like you do you, my friend – not being heterophobic (although heterophobic isn’t even a thing and you need to get off your high horse) – but there is definitely something wrong with assuming that everyone is straight and nothing else.

The LGBTQ+ community is right there, whether you want to admit it or not. But then again, you probably don’t even know about it because there is such a lack of representation, especially in pop culture, that it hurts me so deep in my soul.

Yes, there are certainly a lot more LGBTQ portrayals in pop culture. I’ll admit that. For example, there’s Lexa in The 100, Root in Person of Interest, Maya in Pretty Little Liars, Jack in The Fosters, Edward in House of Cards, Kurt in Glee, and Blaine in Glee etc. But if you take a closer look, you might notice a trend here. Yep, that is right, most of these characters are dead. Nevertheless, that’s not what this article about – we can talk about dead LGBT characters in the future.

The thing is, even with the increasing representations of LGBTQ portrayals in pop culture, we are still being forced to accept that heterosexuality is the way to go. I mean, just take a look at any and every TV show and movie that we see every day – in each and every one of them, the main relationship is always the man and the woman.

Now, there are some really beautiful fictional couples out there, like Clark and Louis, Jack and Rose, Bruce and Selina, Steve and Peggy, and Bucky and Natasha etc. But there is also a large amount of unhealthy fictional straight couples out there that we are supposed to accept and love just because they are straight, such as:

Kara and Mon-El, Supergirl

I’ll be the first to admit that it is really, really nice to see Chris Wood’s face like…all the time. But the fact that he keeps portraying such crappy characters is really getting on my nerves. And the fact all Mon-El ever does is lie, manipulate, and insult Kara is just irritating and an all-time insult to a feminist like Kara. And yet, he still ended up with her, because why? He’s a handsome white man. Honestly, there were many moments in which Kara has shown that she is definitely not straight and at least bisexual, but she still chose Mon-El instead, because y’all, heterosexuals all around.

Christian and Anastasia, Fifty Shades trilogy

Do not even get me started on the entire toxicity of this whole relationship that has been glorified so out of proportions that it might as well be on Pluto. Christian Grey is an egotistical stalking abusive possessive jealous white male sociopath who has done nothing but pretty much ruined Anastasia’s life, and I stand by that. But in the end, Anastasia still fell for him, because he’s a straight white male who just happens to look handsome, nevermind the fact that he should be in jail for what he did.

Finn and Rachel, Glee

I know a lot of you who watch Glee is going to disagree with me on this, but seriously. I love Cory Monteith, I really do, and I still cry every 13th of July because I cannot believe that he’s actually gone. But Finn Hudson has to be one of the most irritating fictional characters I have ever seen in my life. Finn and Rachel are always fighting – always – and they are always jealous, angry, possessive, and obssessed with one another. If anything, they shouldn’t even have been together in the first place!

Aria and Ezra, Pretty Little Liars

Listen to me, no. Ezra Fitz should be in jail, period.

Olivia and Fitz, Scandal

Fitzgerald Grant the Third is, hands down, the worst fictional American President ever portrayed on television. In addition to that, his very presence always manages to turn Olivia Fitz, a strong independent black woman, into a puddle of weakling, which she definitely is not. He’s a cheater – he cheats on his wife with Olivia, and yet he has not left his wife and let her be free. He also manages to pit every woman in his life against one another, because he is, presumably, the hottest white guy that every woman in this show has ever met. Let me tell you one thing, Fitz is many things but attractive.

Look, like I said, it’s true that there is more LGBTQ+ representation in the media right now than there has ever been. But none of this mean anything if we only get one representation in each TV show and movie we watch. That is simply unrealistic and not true. Not everyone is straight, just like not everyone is gay, but we definitely need more LGBTQ+, and less of man and woman swapping spit for no reason at all but the fact that they are none other than a man and a woman.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but a man and a woman can have a relationship without being romantic at all. It’s called friendship.

Female Friendship? In this Economy?

Female Friendship? In this Economy?

The media – television shows, movies, radio broadcast, and books etc. – is meant to portray fiction stories that are reflective of real life on a screen – or some other medium – with a sprinkle of sugar to the public. And yes, they do somehow, at times, manage to depict things that can happen in real life from a fictional angle. For example, bromance, sexism, a subtle hint of racism, and masculinity (All of which I will definitely get to in my future articles.)

However, there is one thing that the movies and television shows and radio broadcasts and books always get very, very wrong. The relationship between a girl and a girl – be it romantic or friendship. Let us talk about female friendships in media for now.

For some bizarre reason, the media tend to pit women against each other. Girls in fiction tend to fight and declare war over the smallest of things, either over a boy, or a dress, or a pair of shoes, or a boy, or several boys, in fact. And this is just the most bizarre thing about fictionalized media that pisses me off the most.

Because it is not so in real life, us girls certainly have more camaraderie and self respect than how the media portrays us. In real life, we know better than to throw away our friendships over simple and unworthy things like boys – no offense to boys out there, but sis before dicks, y’all. And we certainly know better than to let the smallest of things ruin our friendship with one another.

Let’s make one thing clear: the world is already sexist enough, we are already the victims of the utmost disrespect from men, which means we all have to stick together and realize that there is nothing more important than to support one another as woman to woman.

While there is an abundance of girls fighting girls on screen – side eyes media organizations with vehemence – there is an improvement. Here is a list of some of the most iconic female friendships currently:

Meredith and Cristina, Grey’s Anatomy

Dubbed the Twisted Sisters, even when they have men whom they are absolutely in love with, there are still things that they will only tell one another. Also, if Cristina killed a person, Meredith is the first person she’d call to drag the corpse across the floor. If that ain’t friendship, you need new friends. (Can they bring Cristina back because I miss her take-no-crap butt)

Santana and Brittany, Glee

This is probably cheating, because they ended up getting married. But Brittana – that’s their ship name – once started out as one of the best friendships on TV, despite the mess that Glee became, and their love story is one of the best sapphic relationships to ever be portrayed on TV.

Daisy (Skye) and Jemma, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
It’s almost as if they are Hans and Anna, except without the evil dude part, because they both genuinely love each other. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D happens to be a very underrated show in the mainstream media right now, because this show is definitely a whole lot better than the more popular DC universe TV shows right now.

Jessica and Trish, Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Speaking of Marvel shows, Jessica Jones also has another iconic female friendship that we can all look up to. Jessica and Trish, estranged best friends, still managed to remain best friends. Plus, the fact that they were estranged in the first place was because Jessica didn’t want to put Trish in danger. That is love.

Jess and Cece, New Girl

If y’all watch New Girl, you sure know the iconic ships that is Jess and Nick, and Cece and Schmidt. However, the most iconic ship in the show has to be Jess and Cece.

Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary, Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures is already a great movie to begin with, but what makes this movie so great isn’t just the fact that it depicts the story of how three black women are involved in a NASA event. It is also about how these three amazing and intelligent black women are best friends and not at all competitive about their roles in the organization.

Beca and Chloe, Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2
First of all, they are in love, you can’t convince me otherwise. Still, even if they are not – which they are – they are still a great friendship that we should all try to follow. (Is an almost-Spiderman kiss not enough to confirm that they’re in love? Really?)

Oliva and Abby, Scandal
Anyone who has watched Scandal knows that it is very tasking for Olivia to make friends, not with a father like Rowan Pope and certainly not with one of the worst fictional American presidents in fictional American history as her lover. This is why the friendship between Olivia and Abby is so important, because Olivia has so many male figures in her life that she needs a balance, and Abby Whelan is that balance. Even though they are standing on opposing lines, they are still best friends, deep down inside.

The point of this entire article is that we, as women – or girls – have to stand with each other, and not allow anything to break the bond between us. And you can be sure that we will revolt against the media’s negative portrayal of female relationships until they know how to do it right.

Yes (and only yes) Means Yes

Yes (and only yes) Means Yes

“Consent is hot, Assault is not.”

If you were hanging around the foyer last Wednesday, you might have heard those words being chanted by Monash’s very own Mental Health Ambassadors (MHA) as they led the march for sexual consent.

Or if you were drowning in the midst of Week 7 assignments and midterms (I don’t blame you!), fret not, here’s a breakdown of what happened:

The ‘Yes Means Yes’ campaign was the first of its kind, sprouted from MHA’s efforts to encourage discussion about sexual consent and to shed light on the alarming rate of sexual assault in Malaysia and in the global context.

There was a pledge board for you to support this cause through your words; purple ribbons to wear on top of your clothing; fundraising through badges, T-shirts and henna art; and a forum by 2 speakers on sexual consent and domestic violence.

You might be wondering—why ‘Yes means Yes’, and not the usual phrase—’No means No’ ?

You’re riding on the same wavelength as I am here, and this happens to be one of the most asked questions by students who came by the booth. Lubna Ali, President of MHA explained that her team’s main aim was to convey to people to wait for an implicit consent. To not do anything unless you get a ‘yes’ from your partner. Only the word ‘yes’ warrants consent. Not ‘maybe’, not ‘um ok’, and definitely not ‘I guess’. A lot of the times we assume that all those answers mean ‘yes’ which points back to the root of the problem—assuming.

According to Lubna, another (jarring) question that was asked was—what if you were married?

Terrifying but true, rape and sexual assault can still occur whether you are married or in a relationship. In fact, intimate partner violence is actually the leading cause of injury to women. Another scarier fact is that in Malaysia, marital rape is not recognised as a crime. What’s up with that? Lubna elaborated that whether you are married or in relationship, you and your partner still have the right to say yes or no to sexual relations. It does not make you any less of a good partner.

Many also thought that this campaign was gender biased despite MHA’s best efforts.

Not true, you guyssss. Men can be victims of sexual assault and rape too.

I could only be present at the forum for less than an hour, but one of the speakers spoke about how social stereotypes surrounding us can play a harmful role to this situation. Sexual assault doesn’t happen to women only. It happens to men too. The stereotype and categorization that men tend to be “players” is damaging because hey, if you haven’t guessed already, men can be vulnerable to assault too and are very much equally entitled to give consent!!1!!!11!!!

If you’re still reading this post (yay!), you might be thinking—hey, what does this have to do with me?

We tend to get caught in our own bubble of unintended ignorance. I’m not one to blame you entirely. But we reaaaaaally need to include a steady diet of social awareness in our lives, especially with the state of crappiness the world is in right now. Hence I shall employ something you c00l internet kids like to say into my vocabulary—we need to “stay woke”.

We need to be talking about how wrong it is for a rapist to go free because apparently the future of a potential Olympic swimmer is more important than the future of a rape victim. We need to talk about how very very wrong it is when politicians say it’s okay for rapists to marry their victims. (???¿?¿?¿¿¿?????)


What can we do to help further this cause? (most of the time we want to, but don’t know how, amirite?)

Talk about it. To your friends, your family, your neighbour (okay maybe not your neighbour unless you guys are real buddies). Sexual consent shouldn’t be a taboo topic. Anymore, at least. And I quote Lubna here—This is something we should have been taught when we were kids, and our culture does not do that. What our peers from MHA want you to know is that if people talk about it, more people would know ‘hei, consent is necessary’.

DSCF1585 (1) DSCF1592 (1)

(students’ pledges)
Photo courtesy: MHA

April is a month of many things—for most of us it is just another stressful month of catching up on work, but it is also an important month to acknowledge social matters, such as Sexual Assault Awareness and Autism Awareness to name a few.

But doing our part in acknowledging the importance of consent and even reaching out to someone in need isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to just this month of awareness.

We begin by acknowledging and making ourselves aware of this issue and educating ourselves on consent as both the asker and receiver.

After all, we have to start somewhere, right?

If you, or someone you know needs help, please contact the Mental Health Ambassadors through their Facebook page here or call the 24-hour Befrienders hotline @ 03-7956 8144 or 03- 7956 8145