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Study Patterns – Exchange Diaries Log #5

Study Patterns – Exchange Diaries Log #5

Hey yo! Welcome back to Week 10! Only 3 more weeks including SWOTVAC to finals, if you have any. Ever since coming here, I noticed how people study and do assignments varies to how we would normally perceive it to be.




The library usually opens til 12AM, but by 10PM it’s already a dead space. Even during midsems, it was so quiet and unlike Malaysia, where it’s still full and it feels like it’s still day. I’m not saying there isn’t anyone at all in the library, but there are so few that it feels strange. Perhaps it could be that I’m studying in the wrong places since there are other areas with 24 hour opening times such as the Engineering and Science labs, but even the campus and surrounding area itself feels like a ghost town past 6PM.


My lecturers included. I came here thinking everyone would be super serious with their studies (not saying they aren’t), but everyone has immense nightlives and social lives yet somehow they still manage to score Ds and HDs. My lecturer even gave us extensions just because we showed up to class, and usually everyone already shows up. Not sure if it’s a fake chill or an actual chill, because most people I know usually say “Yeah, I’m totally fine. Only got a few assignments left”

#3: Events on campus are at an all-time high

For some god forsaken reason, there’s even more events on campus during this time of the semester. Most are already preparing for the end of semester parties, or some are just totally irrelevant. This isn’t a bad thing however, which means that there is potentially free food available on campus during this time where everyone’s studying and/or confining themselves to the study areas. Attendance at club meetings that I usually go to still remain the same, as in no one skips it just because it’s a really stressful time during the semester.

Sem Break Travels – Exchange Diaries Log #4

Sem Break Travels – Exchange Diaries Log #4

Sem break! WOOoooOooOT!!!

Finally, it’s the mid-sem break, which is after Week 9. Monash, please explain. Anyway, let’s get straight to it! What do you do when you’re in a brand new country? Explore, of course! From hiking up Grampians to going snowboarding at Mount Buller, to going for the more commonly traveled places such as the Great Ocean Road and Brighton Beach. There are so many travel plans out there if you prefer going in a group, or you could plan to rent a car with a couple of friends and/or housemates and head out yourselves! Either way, it’s still enjoyable and the views are really to die for.

Mt. Buller




I went up there with a couple of friends. We made the 3 hour journey from Clayton at 3AM. No sleep was had for the next 24 hours so that was a fun experience. Getting up to the mountain was not a big hassle as we were provided with snowchains for the car tyres. The only pain was having to put them on! The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely beautiful. The other pain was that the snow was extremely glaring, so you had to constantly be wearing sunglasses or snowgoggles. We tried out snowboarding and skiing, which is extremely difficult! I salute anyone who is able to slide on a snowboard for longer than 10 seconds without falling down. Skiing, as I imagined, was a whole different ball game. I used muscles I’ve never used before so that was pretty intense.


Mornington Peninsula






Commonly known for its hot springs and beautiful beaches, this little seaside town an hour away from Clayton makes a nice getaway. There were plenty of attractions from Sorrento beach, Arthurs Seat, and Cape Schanck. My housemates and I drove down there with the intention for purely sightseeing. We managed to have a typical fish-n-chips meal to get the true taste of the beach. We made frequent stops at different attractions and spent an average of an hour there just taking pictures and admiring the view.

The Great Ocean Road






*I haven’t personally been here, but 2 of my friends have and these are their opinions about it!

They both joined a tour under New To Melbourne. However, because it was a tour, there was also a schedule which was very time restricting, so my friends couldn’t explore as much as they wanted to. The journey to Twelve Apostles took around 3.5 hours, so basically the whole tour was mostly spent commuting to the tourist spots. However, they couldn’t deny that the view was definitely beautiful and the pictures don’t do it justice when seeing it with your own eyes. They also mentioned how it was pretty crucial for them to have gone with each other, as there wouldn’t be anyone who would be their personal photographers as everyone else is busy taking their own pictures!

Brighton Beach






I went to Brighton Beach right before the semester actually started, but it’s still a pretty nice (albeit overrated) place to visit. It’s convenient to get to by train which probably explains its popularity. The beach houses are definitely the main attractions as it was too cold to even step foot into the water. Each bath house was unique with really beautiful artwork on some, and of course there were some which were just painted in one solid color which gave a nice contrast. Other than that, a few days after we went, the news about the boy whose legs were “eaten alive” came up and needless to say, I became quite traumatized of beaches in general. It’s definitely the place to go for you to take shots that scream “yes, I’m in Melbourne!”

Confessions of an Exchange Student – Exchange Diaries Log #3

Confessions of an Exchange Student – Exchange Diaries Log #3

It’s currently Week 8!


it seriously still feels like Week 3 or something

I only have couple of weeks left before the semester ends. Where did the time go? Days definitely go by much faster when the sun sets at 5PM. Going straight to the point, here are my confessions as an exchange student in Clayton for the past 8 weeks.

#1: I have skipped classes because of how far it was.

Look, when your campus is built for over 30,000 people, you get a bit flabbergasted at the area size and start contemplating whether RUNNING for 10 minutes to your next lecture is actually worth it. Lectures aren’t even compulsory to attend, so… I mean, I attended all of my lectures (except maybe twice because I had research study appointments) because I don’t have the discipline to rewatch them after.

#2: There’s too much construction going on.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-14 at 9.07.34 PM(1) WhatsApp Image 2017-09-14 at 9.07.34 PM(2) WhatsApp Image 2017-09-14 at 9.07.34 PM

Adding on to my first confession, there is literally so much construction going on in every corner of campus. They recently blocked off my path to where a bulk of my classes are held so now not only does that add another 5 minutes to my daily 20 minute walk, I now have to climb STAIRS. It’s terrible. Friends I’ve made who have been here for over 5 years mentioned that they don’t think there was ever a time where the Clayton campus had no ongoing construction whatsoever.

#3: There’s so much food choices but yet it’s still impossible to choose.

There’s literally every food option imaginable on campus. There are also other popular franchises that have branches on campus such as Pappa Rich, which somehow has a LINE to order food. It’s so strange and really a marvel to see sometimes. There’s food in almost every corner of the campus as well as in the Residence Halls that are open to everyone else.

#4: Your stamina will increase TENFOLD.

I went from being tired when walking from the BRT parking lot to my tutorial in Building 6, which would take me about 10 minutes max, to walking from my house all the way to my class which is a 20 minute walk on road, grass, uneven footpaths and still feel good enough as if I didn’t just take my own sweet time getting home. This still doesn’t include the time it takes to walk in-between classes if you have different unit disciplines. However, that’s still subjective because I have a music lecture in the Engineering building.

#5: You’ll finally understand all the references about the Australian campuses.

If you’re on Monash StalkerSpace or Ancora Memeparo, you’ll probably have heard of the Menzies building, HAL/Matheson Library, or the 24 hour Science Lounge. Now that you’re here, you can actually see these places or better yet, have classes here or have access to it! You’ll also be able to join in on all the foodie events amongst other cool happenings across all the campuses with free intercampus shuttles. Unfortunately, you may also experience the same things that the students are complaining about, like the revolving Menzies doors or public transport officers checking for valid Myki card (sort of like a Touch n’ Go for public transport, a.k.a Rapid Card) when using buses.

BONUS: Caulfield campus feels like home Sunway campus!

Tiny campus, majority of Asian students. There’s virtually no difference other than the fact it’s on a totally different continent. Although it is still significantly bigger than Sunway, it’s drastically smaller than Clayton which is already a huge decline. The only way I can describe Clayton to others who haven’t been able to come to the campus is “Sunway Pyramid x10”.

As much as I complain and rave about Clayton, I’m going to miss this place so much. Walking doesn’t feel as tiring (when you’re not late for class, that is) because the weather is so much cooler, as opposed to our hot and sweaty humid air in Malaysia.

Ash ❤

One World Festival

One World Festival

I sat in Audi 1, the wide space reverberating along with the thump thump thump of the drums and cymbals and gongs that accompanied a lion dance, wishing I was outside, enjoying the celebration happening just a few steps above me.

Hence, the 2-day One World Festival officially began!

On that fateful Wednesday, 23rd September, RMM’s resident photographer—Fatyn and I, scouted along the foyer to check out what’s good.

The festival was mainly supported by MUISS, AIESEC and our very own radio jockeys emcee-d the event. 15 booths of various countries made up the Global Village, some being manned by the country representatives themselves and some by AIESEC ambassadors.

At every booth, students were given various challenges in order to gain a stamp (as pictured below). Students who collected all stamps were entitled to participate in a lucrative lucky draw.


Unlike Aladdin, I don’t have a magical carpet to show you the world, but imma give it my best shot. Let us embark on this ~diverse~ journey together!

giphy (7)


First off we visited the Vietnam booth, where we learnt about the Non la, the traditional conical hat commonly used by rice farmers. We also got to take a whiff of Vietnam’s fish sauce, which is very much different from our local one.

Picture2 The AIESEC ambassador explaining the ‘Non la’ to us

At the Poland booth, we earned our stamps by participating in an egg painting session, in which I showcase my very terrible painting skills.


At the China booth, we got our fortunes told. They were cryptic, as per usual. “Beware of gossip! Not all you hear is true!”


Picture9 Picture10

The African reps have a question for you: is South Africa a continent, or a country?


Halfway through the event, Fatyn and I were pulled out from the Global Village to watch what was happening on stage. Sure enough, the Indian reps were putting on an exceptional dance for everyone!


We resumed our quest at the Maldives booth, where we were presented with the challenge of writing our names in their national language, Dhivehi.

Picture5 Picture7


At the Middle Eastern booth, we learnt about how headscarf patterns vary from country to country in the Middle East and also the distinction between modern and traditional style headscarves. Bottom line is: the modern ones are fancier (as pictured below) and the traditional ones are more understated. We also got to try some hummus and murtabal!


Picture16all smiles from the Middle Eastern rep, donning the shemagh and thobe! all smiles from the Middle Eastern rep, donning the shemagh and thobe!

Here we have a pair of lovely Japanese ladies posing with a paper umbrella at their booth!


We made our way to the Pakistani booth, where we were given a taste of a mouthwatering Pakistani delicacy—Pani Puri, which bursts into an explosion of both sweet and sour as you bite down on it.

Picture20 Picture21

Meanwhile at the India booth, we were blindfolded, then challenged to place a pin as best as we can at the centre of the chakra (that’s the wheel pictured in the middle of the Indian flag!)Picture19 the Indian reps donning their kurti tops for the event

Last but not least, our very own RMM reps emcee-ing the event!


Overall, the event was a successful one—after all, what’s not to love about colourful food, clothing, and people?

Pick YOUR MUSA President

Pick YOUR MUSA President

Once again it’s the time of the year where we elect our student leaders!

If you were on campus last Wednesday and Thursday the 23rd and 24th, you probably saw the stage near the cafeteria. Not the One World Festival stage near the foyer, this was where MUSA candidates delivered campaign speeches and debated each other!

There are THREE parties this year; Concordia, Alpha, and the People. If you missed out the speeches and debates, fret not! We’ve got you covered!

Concordia (Presidential Candidate: Thusharan Chandrakumanan)

Some background from the Party’s official Facebook page:

“Concordia”, originates from a Latin word that signifies Harmony and Unity. The name represents us as a united team that is willing to become your voices. The name also represents us as individuals who aim to create a harmonious and unified university environment for you.”

Their motto:

“To Create, To Inspire, To Lead”Lysandra (Debate)-13 Photo Source: MUSA Monga

What their President had to say:

With first hand experience in MUSA, Thusharan and his party aim to start from ground zero – focusing on everyday issues that Monashians face. He stated his mission to increase the ease of which Monashians voice their opinions – by adding complaint and suggestion boxes where students can vent. Thusharan doesn’t want Monashians to resort to confession pages to complain about their daily issues – he says the contents of the complaint boxes will go directly to MUSA and be resolved. Thusharan also pointed out that he wants to continue the current president’s MUSA Forum as one of the platforms for voicing complaints. Amongst his programs, he plans to have inter-school programs to engage students from different faculties. On top of that, he mentioned the oft-heard but as yet unimplemented Alliance plan. The Plan, aims to foster better relationships with neighbouring universities.
Photo Source: Giphy

Alpha (Presidential Candidate: Herman Tan Weihan)

Some background from the Party’s official Facebook page:

“Alpha”, defined as “a beginning”, is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. We are the first to be built on love, respect and equality. We are the beginning of something new. We are ALPHA.

Our mission? To build a conducive and inclusive community to foster a positive and enhanced learning environment for the posterity. But, we need YOUR help.

Let us be YOUR chaperone through this journey; through YOUR journey; through OUR journey.

Believe in us. Trust us. Support us. We will deliver.

Their motto:

“To build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress” (S. Rajaratnam)Lysandra (Debate)-12 Photo Source: MUSA Monga

What their President had to say:

Emphasizing the party’s first priority to serve the student community, Herman then explained why he should be elected – citing his experience organizing events in his previous school, to his military experience as a Singaporean NSmen. Herman and his party envision a greener Monash – which focuses on recycling and hopes that the lush greeneries don’t stop on the ground floor. Herman also brought up inter-school cooperation – to amalgamate the divisions.
Photo Source: Giphy

The People (Presidential Candidate: Natasha Lim Li Huei)

Some background from the Party’s official Facebook page:

My party wants to see increased transparency and engagement with the community and improved learning experience. We want to facilitate better communication between the student council and the student body, and to create a more socially aware student body so that we are up to date with current affairs and we have the initiative to be on top of that. We also want to improve the learning experience which is central to the university experience by pushing for better facilities and operating hours.

Their motto:

“Transparency from honesty, accountability with integrity”Photo Source: MUSA Monga Photo Source: MUSA Monga

What their President had to say:

She voiced her party’s mission – to increase transparency as a mean to increase the students’ confidence in MUSA. Natasha also believes that they should receive student input throughout the year, not just during elections. The Party also believes that the Monash community should be more involved in society at large; but instead of bringing Monash into the community, she aims to bring the community into Monash so that students can be better involved. She aims for students to have more exposure to the situations around their communities – such as refugees. As the only woman presidential candidate, Natasha delivered a glimpse of her vision of incorporating more NGOs involving women empowerment, such as the Athena Project.
Photo Source: Giphy

Got a better idea of who the candidates are, and what they stand for?

Sick and tired of campus gossip on the Confessions Page?

Fed-up with your voice going unheard?

Well put your thoughts to the ballot and exercise your rights from the 4th to 8th of September in Building 2, Level 1.

Remember, be the change you wish to seek in the world!

But start on campus first la…

The Future of Work: Living in an Age of Disruption

The Future of Work: Living in an Age of Disruption

Ever wondered where your course of study will lead you to in the next few decades? Researchers have begun to predict what professions will linger and which ones will die out. That means, good news for some of us and bad news as well. If it turns out to be against our favor, not to worry! We sure aren’t useless! We just need to be creative with our knowledge and skills.


Last week, on Thursday, Mr. Cheang (Former Executive , gave a talk in our plenary theatre on this very same topic : The Future of Work-Living in an Age of Disruption. Being the Former Executive Director of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM), he is an expert in the area of engineering policy and government, industry and media relations.

He spoke of the many challenges of today such as The Technology Revolution, Work in an Age of Disruption, Reinventing Yourself, and Navigating your career. These were the highlights of his talk, and this is me just taking you through them swiftly!

He started off with the four stages of the industrial revolution:

  • First: Mechanisation, water power, steam power.
  • Second: Mass production assembly line, electricity.
  • Third: Computer and automation.
  • Fourth: Cyber physical systems.

Did you know that 12 disruptive technologies were identified in the World Economic Forum Handbook, on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (forthcoming, 2017)? Some of which we indulge in, in our day to day lives, perhaps without even realizing it.

  1. 3D Printing
  2. Synthetic biology
  3. Virtual and augmented reality
  4. New computing technologies
  5. Neuroethology: Enhancing the human brain and refreshing society
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Block chain and distributed ledger
  8. Geoengineering
  9. Energy capture, storage and transmission
  10. Advanced materials and nanotechnology
  11. Space technologies
  12. Internet of Things

IMG_4369 IMG_4366

Social media and the datas collected from it are through artificial intelligence. Internet of Things (IOT) constantly connecting machines to machines and getting rid of human beings. Simple example: The Apple Watch that connects to your phone and shows your messages, calls, etc? That’s using Internet of Things right there! Controlling your home lighting system from your phone or tablet? IOT again.

As robots and other advanced technologies become more efficient, effective and productive and take over tasks previously performed by humans, there is increasing concern about the future of jobs and wages. Robots are responsible for up to 670,000 lost manufacturing jobs between 1990 and 2007 in the US and that number will rise because industrial robots are expected to quadruple.

Here’s something to think about: Will technology help people do their jobs more efficiently and create new ones, as it has in the past…or will it eventually displace humans? Because after all, humans work for food, and robots work for FREE.


99% of human qualities and abilities are redundant for the performance of most routine jobs. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter, it will push humans out of the job market: Within the next 20 years, 47% of all US jobs are at high risk of being made redundant by artificial intelligence!

I’ve just left you all with some very depressing information, but hey, don’t worry guys! If it’s any consolation, I’m in the exact same boat as all of you guys, and these insights left me racking my brain for answers just like you probably are too! (teheee)


Winterfest 2017 – Exchange Diaries Log #2

Winterfest 2017 – Exchange Diaries Log #2

Winterfest 2017!

Winterfest is a week of cool events that happen probably every Semester 2. Everything from marshmallow roasting to a silent disco, there is an endless list of activities across all of Monash’s Australian campuses! There was also a giant igloo looking dome set up in both Clayton and Caulfield campus. 


silent disco in the giant dome!


I only managed to attend only 3 out of all of these, unfortunately.


winterhub winterhub3 winterhub2 winterhub1 marshmallow

Winterhub is basically where they had a cozy area to relax and chat with friends (if you have any, lol). They also had a free flow of marshmallows that you could roast over a bunsen burner that would result in something like this if you’re not careful:


(lol @ my housemate for burning hers)

There was also the free sausage sizzle happening on the day that I was there, which was basically free sausage sandwiches! I went for seconds cos’ they were really good. This is probably the size of a midday snack but it was enough to be my lunch. These were provided on behalf of MSA, and it happens every Wednesday for their weekly Hump Day event.


truly an Aussie sized snack

Glow Yoga

headphones glowyoga

I’m going to start this off by saying that I have no idea what compelled me to pay $8 for an hour long yoga session that left me aching all over the next day. Despite my complaints, it was my first time doing yoga so it was a fun experience! Similar to the silent disco, all the participants wore wireless headphones that was playing very calming, zen-esque music which was also used for the instructor to tell us what to do. The igloo was full of people and I could barely see the instructor, so I ended up relying on the people in front of me to figure out what pose to do when her verbal instructions weren’t enough. I felt really lanky and loose after the session which was pretty cool.


i also got a goodie bag which was probably worth more than $15 so it’s all good!



Winter Carnival

carnival1 winterfest alcohol bouncy bumper dj colouring cider funzone golf hammer marshmallow1 ride wings popcorn viewing padthai

This was probably the most eventful day of Winterfest, which was the Winter Carnival! There were amusement rides, an array of food trucks with everything from alcohol to Thai food to Greek donuts. There was also a fun zone section, where they were giving out free popcorn and cotton candy. There was also a section inside for kids, which was rather odd to me since this is being held on University grounds but then I realized that the campus is open to the public and also mature-age students (who have families) exist. Nightfall began with a 10-minute long fireworks session at 7:30PM, which I felt could be earlier since it already gets dark at 5:30PM. There were also 2 DJs; one near the food trucks and one near the Fun Zone area. Both were playing widely different genres and there were times I could hear both of them at the same time. The lines for the food trucks were freakishly long and I had to wait in the cold, windy weather for an hour just for the box of pad thai, which was quite delicious. Buying alcohol required you to have a green wristband that can be obtained by showing your passport. I also thought it was pretty smart that they open the can/bottle for you before handing it over because there are signs around the open field that say alcohol is prohibited past these borders. By them opening it for you, you can’t hide it in your bag or anything!

I wonder if Monash Malaysia would have these kind of week-long events. Nonetheless, I’m glad I got this opportunity to experience Winterfest because most likely, we can’t bring food trucks into our Sunway campus (and I’m pretty sure alcohol would be banned). The weather was surprisingly bearable during the week although it was really windy during the carnival.

Till next time,
Ash ❤

Monash Through The Eyes of a Final Sem Student

Monash Through The Eyes of a Final Sem Student

For many of us, our final semester of undergraduate life has rolled around. The inevitable end of the wonderful journey of student life. The reality of this brings us down memory lane, all the way back to when we were freshies. Something that feels like just yesterday.

Let’s start with things on campus that are now gone. The smell of coffee brewing and wonderful cakes and pastries while passing through the link-bridge to SMR. Oh, Starbucks! Our wallets took a beating because of you, but you are still terribly missed.

Then we move on the new changes that our seniors who have long graduated before us, would be pretty happy to see. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: It’s rather early on to say how popular it is, but nonetheless, welcomed after a semester of walking through that once-empty space.

Remember the Maybank, CIMB and RHB ATM machines next to the seminar room 6103? Those are long gone now. Instead, we have a Maybank office space with and ATM and CDM with colorful seating areas around it. Fully air-conditioned, it makes for a great chilling spot on extremely hot days.

The Mad Alchemy with its added benches in the foyer makes for a great outdoor seating arrangement. Their coffee and snacks are a great on-the-go option if you’re in a hurry. The tables and benches in the area can be used even after hours, which is pretty convenient since it’s so close to the Monash gate. Waiting for a cab or the shuttle, here’s your spot!

Toast to Love! Initiated by a group of our very own Monash students and from Sunway University, this place has become quite popular for their quality and customer service where every visitor is “beautiful” or “handsome”.

The gazebo. A beautiful spot with a huge overhead fan. Doesn’t beat the heat of the afternoon sun, but still, it’s a nice spot to chill in. With Monash’s growing student population, the library has also added an extension which is open 24 hours during exam time!

These are just a few of the many changes around campus. Years later, if we happen to drop by our good old campus, who knows what more wonderful changes we’ll see around here!


Handling Stress 101

Handling Stress 101

Well hello there, week 10! Is that finals I see on the sunny horizon? How did we get here? Didn’t the semester just start? I’m not freaking out you’re freaking out I’m sure you’re all holding out well, but for a small population of people (like me) who are free falling into the abyss of stress, I’ve compiled a mini handbook on how to deal with the bullet train of stress coming at chu!

METHOD 1: Avoid your responsibilities

How so, you ask? Haven’t you heard of the adage: “out of sight, out of mind”? Shove your unorganised lecture slides into a drawer and use your 100 Ringgit accounting textbook as a door stopper instead! As long as it’s not in front of you, you’re doing it right! Or better yet, avoid your responsibilities by writing about avoiding your responsibilities! (no I am not doing exactly that, silly!) Leave your work to the last minute, because by then you’ll have lived longer, and are now wiser, amirite?


METHOD 2: Take a never-ending nap!

Wanted to wake up at 5.00pm but it’s 5.03pm already? Oh well! Round it off and wake up at 6.00pm instead! (someone obviously isn’t very bright in maths)


(this guy is my hero)

METHOD 3: Cry your pain away!

Don’t you know that tears lubricate your eyes and make your skin as dewy and smooth as a baby’s butt????? You no longer have to sacrifice babies to get clear skin anymore! No more acnes & pimples! Your own tears can do the trick! It’s very much DIY and FOC, and you know what’s “in” these days? That’s right—saving money! So hip and c00l!

giphy (6)


But you probably knew that already.

In all seriousness though, please take the aforementioned methods with a grain of salt (but I mean we’ve all done them before???). Results have proven to be disastrous (points at self for emphasis)

Mental health is as important as physical health (this coming from someone who claims she is allergic to exercise, cough cough). If you’re feeling anxious or on the verge of a mental breakdown— stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. If you work better by venting to friends/family/a counsellor, go ahead! If you work better my setting up more me-time, do that instead! You know you best, so don’t feel guilty for turning people down when you need some time for yourself to take everything in at your own pace. It’s okay to not be okay, you guys.

And better yet, the Winner’s Mindset event is happening on Monday and Tuesday, so do participate in it! The best part is that I heard there’re gonna be puppies!!!!!11!!!!!1!1!!

(omg i can finally use a doge meme)

Today’s article has been brought to you by low levels of sleep, bird’s nest’s hair and an abundance of stress!

(thanks, oprah)

Or you can just try soaking your brain in a bag of rice. Works like a charm!

*no babies were harmed in the making of this horrendous guide

A taste of hackathon

Chong Jia Qin and Goh Si Qi are both students from the School of IT that went for NASA Space Apps Challenge last Saturday and Sunday that took place in Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The event was kicked off with an opening ceremony to welcome the judges and mentors that came from far as well as their sponsors. Then, participants are given a briefing regarding the hackathon/ideathon in which after 24 hours, they were given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to the mentors.

There were approximately 300 teams and both of these girls were part of “Dijkstra is bae” team. Let’s hear from both of them…

Is this your first time entering a hackathon?

  • Yes, it is!

How did you feel prior to the hackathon?

  • It’s different from our expectations. Initially we thought it’s a hacking competition but it turns out that we were actually solving problems. We were excited to learn about hacking, like hacking NASA or something, but to our disappointment, nope! *Laughs*

What made y’all join the event?

  • We felt cool since it was an event hosted by NASA. We also wanted exposure and experiences since it was our first hackathon. And of course, for the t-shirt too! Since we are only first year first semester students, we thought this is the best time for us to be involved in external events!

How was the atmosphere during the event?

  • Everyone was so professional and they knew what they’re doing. Especially when it came to the to late hours, it became more intense as there were people who were coding non-stop.

What do you feel after the event?

  • Although it’s not what we expected, we still learned something. We understood what a hackathon was looking for, and it involves more than just coding. There were many areas to it, such as User Interface(UI), pitching, innovation and many more. As expected, we felt really tired too. We felt like we didn’t do anything, so we’ll join the next one and actually do something.

So, did u guys sleep?

  • Yeah, 2-3 hours. We kept sleeping and waking up and can still feel the tiredness till today.

Do you have any words for those who wants to join a hackathon in the future?

  • Do not expect to depend on your group members. Everyone will be distributed with their own work and even though you don’t know anything, you will end up doing something eventually. Definitely an experience to remember!


Goh Si Qi, Chong Jia Qin (from the right)