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Confessions Of An Introverted Extrovert: From the Desert to the Tropics

Moving to a new country is always nerve-wracking, but moving on your own is probably one of the most anxiety-inducing processes. Well, at least for me it is! Follow my journey from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, and gain some insight into the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced throughout the process.

Beyond the Spectrum

Sexuality is fluid, beautiful and ever-changing. However, there are those who lie just outside the spectrum. Those that are simply detached from the idea of sex. That’s right, for this article, I will be addressing asexuality.

Life is a path of eternal change

Your goal in life should be based around living life free of as many regrets as possible and understand that there are no fixed plans when it comes to it.

My Goodreads Experience

The goodreads app, a haven for book lovers. Although some may have different opinions on it

Fashion: A Force of Nature

Fashion is more than just Vogues, Birkin bags, and Chanel No.5s because more often than not, fashion is power.

6 Upcoming Movies For The Rest Of 2019 That Might Interest You

Grab your popcorns and keep an eye out for these 6 movies for your viewing pleasure!

The Haze In Your Gaze

When there’s smoke clouding your gaze, it would be impossible for you to differentiate the truth from the lies.

You Can’t Read Through a Screen

Beyond the hours that we spend on social media, preoccupied with keeping up with others, is a life of our own that slowly slips out of our grasp. It’s time to unwind and look on both sides of our one-way window.

Parasite (2019) movie review and summary: Dark, chilling, suspenseful

If there were only three words that could be used to describe Parasite (2019), it would be: dark, chilling and suspenseful. Read on to find out what the writer had to say about the film after catching it in cinemas.

White room

The little hairs on her arms stood straight as the cold ran right through her, the aircon blew right down[…]


The Modern Cinderellas!

Have you ever wondered why fairy tales continue to mesmerize us no matter how old we are? Truth be told the fairy tales are quite relatable to our lives even in this very era!