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Confessions Of An Introverted Extrovert: From the Desert to the Tropics

Moving to a new country is always nerve-wracking, but moving on your own is probably one of the most anxiety-inducing processes. Well, at least for me it is! Follow my journey from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, and gain some insight into the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced throughout the process.


Monash Floorball Club

Floorball is a super fun way to get your weekly exercise. Its pretty similar to hockey, with more lightweight sticks and a plastic ball.

Always Yearn to Learn!

You can never truly go wrong when you yearn to learn, for it doesn’t just make a difference in the world but even more so, in yourself.

Pure and Patient Love

Having feelings for someone can sometimes be confusing and would at times, require a lot of patience. This is my story.

Transitioning into Loving You

Growing up has been tough since day 1 and now you’re expected to navigate your way to finding love? Here’s some advice for all of you who are looking for someone to fill in that void in your soul that only wants a bit of companionship.

HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ – sex, drugs, et al.

HBO’s newest gripping programme unmasks the different shades of Gen Z high-schoolers as they struggle with issues like teen sex, sexuality, drugs, and amongst your other “run-of-the-mill teen troubles”.

Night of Drama: Round Two!

Comedy, crime, love and music; read further to see how part 2 of MPAC’s Night of Drama (NOD) went down!

Night of Drama: Round One

Missed out on the first night of Monash Performing Arts Club’s two-day Night Of Drama spectacular? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Speak Out Loud

A phenomenal night filled with conversations and laughter. Didn’t get a chance to attend? Read on for the recap!

Monash Cultural Night 2019

Monash Cultural Night 2019: Avenoir

Jammies Night

Jammies Night 2019. Here’s what you missed!