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MPAC Year End Production 2018: And Then There Was One, Part 2

Missed the show? Here’s a rundown of what happened in the second half of MPAC’s Year End Production of 2018!

Books & Literature

The Enigmatic Life of Mary Shelley

From calcified human hearts and secretive meet-up in graveyards, how well do you really know Mary Shelley?

Tarot and Moon Cycles: Inner Awareness

The moon has a strong influence over our emotions and inner selves. How can tarot be used to gain perspective into its cycles?

Books & Literature

Wattpad Tip #1: Is a Cover Important?

To get noticed on Wattpad for the quality books you write, you first need to know that appearance is everything. And by appearance, it’s the cover of your book!

Books & Literature

What Am I Writing? Episode 3: Plots and Genres

I have no idea on how plots and genre works! We’ll teach you on how and genres works!

Life Advice & Social Matters

Microwave Meals for the Lazy

Don’t feel like breaking out the pots and pans to cook dinner? Come on over to find out how to whip up oats, brownies and more in a microwave!

Fashion & Beauty

BeautyHack: Face Do’s and Don’ts

I am sure most of you are going out this week. It doesn’t matter if its a date, party or just for fun. We need to look our best! Here are some face Do’s and Dont’s in order to look your best! Learn whats good for your skin tone and type!

Movie & TV Shows

Aquaman: Blockbuster or Boredom Buster?

After Batman V Superman and Justice League failing to win the hearts of fans and Wonder Woman scoring high in the box office, DC Entertainment looks redeem themselves with their next movie – Aquaman. Find out my thoughts here!

Movie & TV Shows

Venom: Blockbuster or Boredom Buster?

Eddie Brock was a mere reporter until he was infected by something not of this Earth. Find out whether I think the Venom movie will be a blockbuster hit or a mere movie to watch when there is nothing else on TV.

Life Advice & Social Matters

Fragmented Thoughts on Democracy

Everyone always speaks about democracy in a positive light. Does democracy really exist? If it does, is it really good for us?

Books & Literature

What Am I Writing? Episode 2: Plans

I have no idea on how to plan my story! We’ll teach you how to plan, you conniving… writer!