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Confessions Of An Introverted Extrovert: From the Desert to the Tropics

Moving to a new country is always nerve-wracking, but moving on your own is probably one of the most anxiety-inducing processes. Well, at least for me it is! Follow my journey from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, and gain some insight into the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced throughout the process.

Glitches in the matrix

Somewhat related to the Mandela effect, glitches in the matrix occur, changing the things you once believed to be true. Although sometimes mild, some of these glitches can be life changing

Everyone’s a future friend

Potential friends are everywhere, we just need to be brave and talk to people.

Mid-Semester Reminder

Here’s a little reminder for you to keep thriving and continue doing the best that you can in all of your endeavours.

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell!’

Ranking every track of Lana Del Rey’s latest album’s ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell!’ and the best lyric of each song cause’ each one deserves its own shoutout.

The Art of being Artsy in Malaysia

An enthralling arts scene in a stagnant society, here’s to the past, present, future and longing artists of Malaysia.

TEDxMonash University Malaysia: Round 2

The final installment of the TEDxMonash University Malaysia article! Dive right in to read about the final 7 speakers and their stories!

Top 5 Places to Nap on Campus

It can be really exhausting on days where classes start really early in the morning and don’t end until late in the evening so it’s important to be able to find a place where you can re-charge in the middle of the day. Read on to find out some of the best places to take a nap on campus.

Death of Betrayal

I was running, running from a fear I was not quite aware of. The feeling of my heart pulsating throughout[…]

Everything’s going to be okay

In life, when you feel lost with no direction, just remember that everything will fall into place in due time.

TEDxMonash University Malaysia: Round 1

Missed the talk? Want to know who the speakers are? Say no more and jump right into the article to check out the speakers for TEDxMonash University Malaysia Talk!