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MPAC Year End Production 2018: And Then There Was One, Part 2

Missed the show? Here’s a rundown of what happened in the second half of MPAC’s Year End Production of 2018!

Movie & TV Shows

Shows to Binge this Summer Break

This summer break, turn yourself into a full-time TV addict (if you haven’t already) and check out these five exciting shows to binge watch.

boiler bridge

Boiler Bridge 2018

What’s Boiler Bridge and why is it so important to us? Find out more about our Publicity team’s first ever music initiative!

and then there was one

Year End Production : And There Was One [PART 1]

This year’s YEP is mysterious, nerve-wrecking, humorous and exciting all at once! And There Was One is one of the best MPAC’s YEP as to date!

A Night of Drama… with MPAC

So, I watched MPAC’s Night of Drama. Here’s the review and hope we can all learn something about writing.

The Here and The Now

putting into perspective on how we should admire this beautiful world we’re born into

Books & Literature

What Am I Writing? Episode 4: Tropes and Clichés

I have no idea on what tropes and clichés are! Elementary! We’ll teach you what tropes and clichés.

Movie & TV Shows

The Best Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, so horror movie fans rejoice! Here’s my pick for the top 10 horror movies you can catch on Netflix this month.

Fashion & Beauty

To All the Thrift Stores I’ve Loved Before

Thrift shopping, the cheaper and more ethical alternative to buying first hand clothes. Stores can be pretty hard to locate sometimes so here’s a list of stores I’ve been to, or that I’ve heard about through the grapevine!

Events & Activities

Speaker Series: Gender and Sexuality in Malaysia

Two great women trying to make their way into creating evolved, mature minded audience. Their battle for gender equality is amazing. YB Maria Chin and Ivy Josiah giving speeches on feminism and equality is one of the most beneficial things you’ll hear in your entire lives.

Life Advice & Social Matters

My take on grades

Grading systems can be tantalizing, find out more!