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Defiant and Caring: Camp Cope – How to Socialise & Make Friends

Fearless and unapologetic, meet Camp Cope; the newest faces of indie girl rock from Australia. This trio shows just what ‘girl power’ really means in an often patriarchal and apathetic world.

Movie & TV Shows

What To Do If You’re Dating A Comic Book Geek

Here are five things you can do that will definitely win the heart of the comic book geek you are dating.

Life Advice & Social Matters

What’s The Deal with Local Stand-up?

Stand-up comedy in Malaysia is a big let down. Or is it?? Here’s what you’re missing out on if you’re not paying attention to the local stand-up scene.

Books & Literature

Book Rant: MORE CLICHÉS! [Wattpad Edition] [Part 2]

There are more clichés in Wattpad that needs to be ranted about. Let’s begin with the CEO stories, now shall we?

Life Advice & Social Matters

Winning the breakup vs Moving on (Breakup Advice: Part 2)

Does winning the breakup guarantee a surefire way of “getting over” and “getting back at” your ex? Find out who is the real “winner” of the breakup.

Life Advice & Social Matters

Study Tips: Firing Up Without Burning Out

Whether you’re charged up and ready to go, or academically drained; here are some study tips to stay motivated and on track!

Fashion & Beauty

Affordable day-to-day make up basics

The 101 products for make up beginners, affordability and decent quality emphasized in products suggestions to prevent risk of trial & error trauma!

Life Advice & Social Matters

Breaking Out of Your Shell at Uni; Thoughts from an Ex-Shy Kid

Feeling lonely but too shy to put yourself out there? Here are some easy tips on how to step out of your comfort zone in university!


Stiflingly Bewitching: Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun | Album Review

Chelsea Wolfe has a talent for exploring the complex intricacies of the psyche with an equally complex sound. This review looks at her latest album Hiss Spun, and how her own life has influenced her style.

Life Advice & Social Matters

When to end the relationship (Breakup Advice: Part One)

Are you struggling to keep your relationship afloat but still feel drained? Here are 7 signs that signify it’s time to end the relationship.

Tech & Toys

That’s Enough Internet For Today

What happens now that your social media “followers” are no longer limited to the ones you permit on your contact list? Let’s talk about how Zuck betrayed us for some big bucks because that sucks.