This semester, yours truly, with the help of others and of course, yourself, are on a mission to create the ultimate bucket list for new and current Monashians. 


As an exchange student, I felt lost not knowing what to do next or where to eat when my journey in Malaysia began. I’m pretty sure many of you can relate. I agree, there’s loads of exciting things to do on campus and our surrounding areas. But, none of these things were brought to my attention. I would either have to ask random people or just do things ‘at my own risk.’ That’s all fair and wonderful, until you find out you just ordered frog for dinner… YIKES! It got me wondering why there isn’t an awesome list of things to do, as MEWS would say, “for the students by the students.” Just one comprehensive list of the kind of stuff we would all be willing to skip class for. So, this is my response to that question. 


How does it work? Over the next few weeks, interviews will be done on campus. With the assistance of our leaders, the seniors (aka the old crocs who don’t wanna leave uni) and most importantly – yourself! This is not a one sided effort, actually, we really need your help to ensure that this indeed becomes the greatest list ever! Every one knows that extra cool and chilled spot, or that amazing trip that makes the experience ‘to die for.’ Were looking for crazy, unique experiences that are just under our noises but we do not even know it. From food spots to social joints. We all have something to great to contribute. 


Our list will be divided into different categories with the rad-est things to do. Food places, indoor and outdoor activities. After we have gathered our final wish list, it will be published right here with all your contributions… Awesome, right?


Finally, if you would like to share your coolest experiences – drop us your contact so we can come to you or simply share your story with us right here (just in case we miss you on campus).


Stay Tuned!

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