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That’s right, we’re not even remotely done exploring the overused tropes on Wattpad, especially in the Romance genre! I mean, come on, CEOs?

What in the chocolate cakes am I talking about, you might ask?

Well, I’m talking about the heroes of a romance story being a rich, hot, CEO of a company.

Yes, you heard that right. You definitely did.

He’s popular, has multiple mansions all around the world, making millions by the minute being the owner of some made-up company and gets all the girl. He’s the type of guy apparently girls love to be with!

Only, he’s also pretty possessive and overall the brother to a bad boy.

And as always, in this genre, the girls stay.

Stay for everything he dishes out.

All because of LOVE.

Now, don’t get me wrong, again as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this can be a fun trope to write about. The guy with his pockets brimming of money is lonely and scarred from previous failed relationships meets this wonderful woman who’ll change his entire life and make him realise that love is not that painful.


But then, that’s where it goes wrong because the guy, which we will dub as CEO dude, is always without a fail a man with multiple personality problems that should send, naturally, warning bells ringing in the girl’s head. Like his temper and his possessive behaviour and not to mention, at times, his stalker behaviour.

And yet.

That is not what happens, of course.

The girl finds that romantic.

And I–

I. Don’t. Get. It.

Maybe I just don’t find the appeal to this.

But either way, I’m just baffled at how a guy portrayed as such could ever even get a girl’s attention, let alone get be with her.

I guess that’s the beauty of the fictional world.

Now, don’t get me started on the female leads in the book.

They’re basically the sister to the good girl in young adult books on Wattpad. The only thing different from them is the fact that they’re either university students or working adults.

Their personalities are still very much two-dimensional and often times, unconventional and unrealistic with the way they bend their wills to be with Mr. CEO. Mr. CEO also tends to be frighteningly dominating and alpha-ish. Playing a role of a mean person to the maximum, treating the girl he ‘likes’ nothing more than an object to flaunt.

But guess what?

The female lead stays because it’s romantic.

A man with temper problems plus with scary possessive streaks and a girl who is too naivé (if I’m being nice here) to know that that isn’t how a relationship works.

Just because a guy looks hot and has the money, doesn’t mean it’s romantic to treat the girl, who is often barely making a dime in the book, like trash.

It’s not sexy. Not to me.

Talk about being unhealthy.

Not to mention, this trope often times bleed into the LGBT+ romance books as well.

There’s just no escape to this!

Often times, I’m just sitting there, staring at the words on the screen, wondering what goes on in the author’s head when he or she wrote this.

Maybe even so, wonder why such a book is getting millions of reads on Wattpad when there are better books out there that should be getting the recognition it deserves!

Only, they don’t contain Bad Boy V. 2.0 aka Mr. CEO. So, they don’t get the fame.

Just. Wow.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Stockholm Syndrome books.

You know what I’m talking about.

The books where the girl or guy gets kidnapped by their stalker or kidnapper and suddenly, along the way, they don’t find the kidnapper aka law offender scary and falls in love and what do you know? They join them in the life of crime, living happily ever after!

As if it’s some kind of Disney fairy tale!

There’s so many things irking me about this plot setting that I’m not sure where to even begin.

To start off with, the overview of this plot is that the guy portrayed in those books are usually mentally unstable. With the whole kidnapping thing, I mean, that’s a dead giveaway and kidnaps the person he likes or has some motive for and treats the person he kidnapped harshly (as expected) and then as time passes by, nicely.

The victim, because let’s be real, they’re victims, gets confused and they start trusting the person. And due to all this psychological stuff going on, they fall in love with their kidnapper.

What irks me is how romanticised these plots are.

It’s not romantic. 

They don’t specifically say it’s Stockholm Syndrome but it is, from the definition alone which is the psychological alliance created by the hostage to sympathise, develop positive thoughts and emotions with his or her captor.

The amount of this clichés floating in the romance and young adult genre about how the victim/hostage falls in love with their captor and goes off to live happily ever after with the captor is just mind-blowing.

I really don’t understand what’s this fascination with this scenario or plot device.

Maybe, that’s just me.

To me, this plot shouldn’t be written in such a light way. This sometimes happens to real people in said real situations and it’s never likely gets a happy ending. Let alone a healthy relationship out of it.

Realism, people.

Is that so hard to ask?

Maybe it is a huge request to fulfil.

There are more clichés I can rant about but I think Bad Boy/Good Girl clichés as well as Mr CEO and Kidnapper clichés are one of the top three plot devices that gets most reads up to millions of them on Wattpad while greater plots that doesn’t follow those plot flow (or if they do, it’s completely nothing like the clichés) don’t get the reads they deserve.

It’s a sad reality for online writers.

To end my second rant, again, I think that if you do like reading such plots or writing them, then feel free to continue enjoying them! You do you, guys. You like what you like!

Happy reading to all of my fellow friends and readers and I’ll see you lot in the next post!

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