Date: Friday, Week 12 (19/10/2018)

Time: 6PM – 10PM

Venue: Link Bridge Level 4



Inspired by underground music event organisers of ‘Boiler Room’. Radio Monash has organised a music event with an open platform to showcase musical and artistic talents of Monashians on the last day of the semester. It will be held on the Link Bridge on the 4th floor (above food trucks); it gave an idea for the name. Hence, Boiler Bridge was born.



1. Radio Monash provides the platform to showcase the raw artistic talents of

2. This event is a stress relief thing to do for students to enjoy music and art
throughout the night.

3. Gain publicity for us being the alternative source of music, media and content

4. Create an open platform for maximum interaction and curate modern cultural
musical taste.

5. Hope to gain more like-minded people to join us in our future plans for Radio Monash.



Boiler Bridge’s main goal is to provide the platform & display the raw talent of Monashians. Strategically held on the last day of the semester, this is the perfect last event for students that want to go out with their friends.

In collaboration with numerous performers – performances by Music Club & photographs from the Photography Club. We organise essentially a room with a stage in the middle, open dance floor to mingle, dance and enjoy the performances.

Lastly with light snacks and drink with visuals. We aim to create the perfect ambience and environment for cultural entertainment.


Turnout so far

With every ticket sold, we hope to set the bar for music events. We thank you everyone who’s bought a ticket and and hope to deliver the best to what Radio Monash can offer. So far, up to 70 tickets have been sold and we had to limit sales as not to cause overcapacity on the bridge.

We’ll do our best to live stream the event through Facebook to allow free access for everyone watch. Furthermore, to capture each moment on camera for the memories.



1. Project #01
This is our first event that we’re planning with the newly established Publicity Team in Radio Monash. We’re dedicated and hungry to providing this platform and to organise it. Stay tuned for more!

2. Solidified roles for each member in the Publicity team to make workflow more efficient. Created up to 10 new roles for students interested in marketing Radio Monash. More jobs will be available for students in the semester.



Jim Koay
Radio Monash Malaysia
Publicity Head
Monash University Malaysia
Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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