How To Drink

Drink Safe, Drink Happy!


Study Patterns – Exchange Diaries Log #5

Although oceans apart, students around the world are eerily similar in many ways. Find out what I’ve noticed when spending countless hours in the library!


A Gaming Phone? Razer’s New Gadget Coming Up!

If anyone of you are even a bit into gaming, you will definitely know the existence of a giant in the gaming machine and gadgets industries named Razer. It has been known for creating extremely powerful and practical laptops, keyboards, mouses, headsets, and many more, in the sole purpose of following its motto: for gamers,… Read more »


Best McDonalds Happy Meal Toys – blast from the past to today

How many of you still have your happy meal collectible toys? Hey, it is a good thing you’ve kept them because they are one of a kind and you’re in possession of antiques!


Sem Break Travels – Exchange Diaries Log #4

It’s time to get out of the suburbs & cities to explore the many wonders that Victoria has to offer. Find out what attractions are worth the long rides to!


Audiobooks—do they count as “Real Reading” ?

In which we talk about listening to stories instead of reading them!

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How to Discuss Old Movies without Watching Them (Part II: New Hollywood)

Hollywood adhered to the style of classical Hollywood cinema – at least until the early 1960s. From its ashes, however, rose New Hollywood and post-classical cinema. For this week, we’ve lined up few of the acclaimed early New Hollywood movies that would pave the way for the new generation of cinema.


Arts Students Are Worthless

“Oh, you’re an arts student? Can you draw?”

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Affordable Hacks For A Healthy Hair

Don’t let your hair issues make you fall of the tip, read this article and fix it with these natural and affordable tips!


Bitcoins: (was) the Underdog

I reckon that Bitcoin is one of the most ‘unpopular’ forms of trading around several years ago. However, Bitcoin has suddenly caught the attention of people, given that anyone who has even a single Bitcoin is comparable to a person having thousands of dollars in their possessions. Congratulations to people who bought Bitcoins when it was the… Read more »

  • 2kinds

    The 2 Kinds of People

    You know there are the sayings that usually start with “There are two kinds of people”? Well, time to find out which one you are! I know you can’t resist something about you heheehehehehehheh

  • The number one item to be confiscated

    Confisticating prohibited items in student residence – Views from students and management.

    Confiscating prohibited item: Why do student residents breach the tenancy agreement?

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    Confessions of an Exchange Student – Exchange Diaries Log #3

    Is the grass always greener on the other side? Read on to consider if coming to any of the Melbourne campuses tickle your fancy.

  • Picture23

    One World Festival

    One world; countless cultures. Let’s break down what happened during the One World Festival @ Monash Malaysia!

  • oldmoviesI

    How to Discuss Old Movies without Watching Them (Part I: 1940-1960)

    You may think that old movies aren’t as good as recent ones, but you may be wrong. Here’s a guide on how to discuss old movies without even watching them!

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    The Old Taylor Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

    She tried shaking it off, but the media and y’all just wouldn’t leave her alone, so why not embrace it and make music out of it?

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    Instagramable photo spots around KL

    Read on to unravel the adventure of photography!.. Or maybe just get better pictures for your social media account

  • Idea concept with row of light bulbs and glowing bulb

    If it’s stupid but it works…

    It ain’t stupid. I still remember the first time I lived away from home in Singapore, almost 5 years ago. During that time, smartphones had literally JUST become trendy amongst youth all around the world, which started to demolish the competition against phones with physical buttons (remember those sweet Nokia N-Gage? Those were the days)…. Read more »

  • why study abroad stay or go

    My short experience studying abroad

    So about a year and a couple months-ish ago, I had finished Pre-U and had a flight ticket booked overseas, because that was where I thought I wanted to go to further my studies, broaden my horizons and to effectively live a new life. It seemed perfect at face value, all the things I heard… Read more »

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    Growing Up Malaysian

    Here is what growing up Malaysian feels like, from our games to our food. What memories do you have? Try recollecting them and share with me through a simple and short poem.