“Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive”.

– Charlotte Bronte


It’s Week 9 and these last 4 weeks of the semester are the most crucial for our final grades. It’s an incredibly stressful time in the semester and it’s important that we take a step back sometimes to practice some self-care, which can include crying. You just need to cry and let it all out before you can get back up on your feet and face your assignments again. With all these approaching assignment deadlines and class presentations overwhelming you, all you need is a good cry session to let your emotions out but sometimes going back home to the comfort of your bed and getting cozy in the warmth of your blanket is simply not an option.

To those of you that are stuck in this same boat, read on to find out some of my (tried and tested!) places to cry here on campus:


1. The staircase on Building 6 Level 3

One of the more public and visible places on campus to have a good cry at but certainly not the only staircase I’ll be mentioning in this unofficial list of places to cry at in Monash. A good thing about this particular staircase that makes this rank higher than the other staircase (although of course this list was compiled in no particular order) is that there’s a seat placed strategically by the staircase handle for you to sit on while you cry. Not only that, there are toilets right beside the staircase too so you can wash your face right after you’re done crying and for those of you that wear make-up, you can look in the bathroom mirror as you pat your tears into your foundation. Ooh, the glow you have after crying is such a look, it really takes your make-up game to a step above!


2. The collaborative learning space on Building 7 Level 3

Ah, the collaborative learning space as Monash calls it or as my friends and I like to call it, the sleeping space. It’s a perfect place on campus for you to cry, let it all out, and then lie down, curl up in a ball or sleep on your side after you’re done wiping your tears. It has just the right temperature, in my opinion – with the amount of people that is often there, it’s never too cold or too warm in that somewhat small space. After you’re done crying from all the stress that’s accumulated throughout the semester, you can immediately sleep it all off. You won’t be the only person to do this too because just by walking past this space in the library, you’re bound to see a few other students already curled up or lying down across these soft seats for a short nap during the day.


Source: After crying time comes napping time.


3. The staircase on Building 6 Level 4 outside the School of Business

Business students might find this the most useful mention in my list, or even the usual students hogging tables at the Informal Learning Space. It’s just a short walk as you exit the School of Business or the Informal Learning Space. You can sit down outside on the staircase and cry into your lap before getting back to your laptop and books left behind on the table in the Informal Learning Space. It’s a bit more public and unorthodox to be crying on this particular staircase rather than the other one mentioned earlier in this article but there’s no shame in crying in public, especially not here in Monash where everyone is pretty much in the same boat as you. We’re all equally stressed out, tired and overworked, and in need of a good cry.


4. The study zone on Building 7 Level 3

I decided to save one of the more private places to cry on campus for a little later in the list. The panel separating you from the other person in front of you allows you to have a more private space for you to cry at in a public setting. You don’t have to get up from where you are sat at in the library, you can just cry peacefully and return to your books without having to lift your butt off your chair.


5. Any toilets

Sure, the sounds and smells in here aren’t the most pleasant but this is as private a space as you can afford to have whilst on campus. I mean, you get to have your own four walls in a toilet cubicle – just like the four walls you have in your room!


Now that you’ve reached the end of this list, find your own little spot for yourself to indulge in a cry session. When you’re done crying, listen to No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande, tell yourself that it’s time you start ‘pickin’ it up, pickin’ it up, lovin’ and living and turning it up’ and get back to your studies! All the best in these last few crucial weeks of the semester!

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