Hey there, everybody! Now, I know all of us are grown adults but tell me, do you not have the inner hyped child in you? Do you not get excited when you indulge in a chicken burger or a box of nuggets while digging through the red cardboard box to find a cool Happy Meal toy nestled on the bottom and it’s a valuable collectible? Let me bring you down memory lane to show you all the rare and unique Happy Meal toys I’ve collected while growing up as well as some antiques which would cost a fortune now since they don’t make toys like those anymore.

One of the first Happy meal toys I am proud to have possessed and treasured (before giving them away to orphans) were the Disney Classics Aladdin’s 2004 magic carpet rides. I had the loopty-loop one (notice how the loopty-loop is a tiger, the entrance to the cave in the movie?), Genie and Prince Ali. Oh, how I loved the thrill of rolling the wheels of the magic carpet as fast as I could so it will create the best velocity for the figurines to do stunts. What more, I could connect the tracks so it became sort of a circuit.


The second Happy Meal toy I am so happy to have collected is from Disney’s The Lion King. I managed to get a baby Simba plushie and I still keep it on my desk until today. Look how adorable Simba is. These plushies came with the Happy Meals back in 1998. I was only 2 years old and I had a 90’s collectable. Yay!


Before solar powered bobble toys became the hit in this era, back then, manual shaking bobbleheads were the in thing and I have two bobbleheads ( actually, one a bobblehead and the other a bobble tail) from Happy Meals. Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s dog and young Simba.

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None of your Happy Meal toys you’ve collected would be complete without a water squirting toy. Back then, even a mini Nerf gun was a luxury toy, so thank you McDonald’s for water gun like toys! I don’t know about you but Winnie the Pooh is very dear to me and most of my Childhood revolved around him, Christopher Robin and his Hundred Acre Wood. I am so happy to have collected Lumpy the Heffalump. The toys were included in Happy Meals when Pooh’s Heffalump movie was released. I used to bring Lumpy into my baths back then and play with him by pumping water into his belly and squirting it through his trunk. I don’t know if I still have him. My mom gave away most of my toys because she thought they were junk. 🙁

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So, apart from my collection of Happy Meal toys, here are some collectibles which are complete worthy possessions from the 90’s, today. First, the Inspector Gadget toy was really one of a kind. You’d have to collect all the parts and piece them together for his gadgets to actually work like his water gun arm. If you have this toy, you are sitting on a pile of fortune.


The second toy which would be also worth a lot of money, if you have one of them, is the mighty ducks from the animated show ‘Ducktales’ shot puck. My cousin had one of these and I remembered creating ‘bowling pins’ out of objects around the house like plastic cups and sliding the puck to see how many obstacles it can knock down. We almost got in trouble for breaking stuff.

mighty ducks sliding puck

One of the hottest toys from Happy Meals during the 90’s were the Muppets bath companion toys. None of your baths would have been complete without Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog floating beside you while you’re immersed in your posh-like warm, foamy bubble bath.


So those were toys back then. What about the craze today?
The toys which have been a craze for collection are from Despicable me, especially the different minions and now the characters from Adventure Time by Cartoon Network. It came out in the news in 2015 with the headlines reading people were camping and queuing or even getting in assaults just to get these limited edition minion figurines.


McDonald’s with Happy Meal Despicable Me 3 Free Toy

I have managed to collect five out of eight characters from Adventure Time. The characters are Finn and Lady Rainicorn for the first week, Jake the dog and Princess Bubblegum for the second week, Ice King and Marceline during the third week and now this last week, BMO and Lumpy Space Princess are the collectibles. I really love this cartoon series because of the great storyline and unique personalities of each character. These toys are worth collecting to me because they serve as key chains and they have a mini-game inside like pinball. BMO even lights up.

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So that’s about how I feel happy, literally, after eating a Happy meal and getting to collect these toys. I may grow old and grey but the thrill of collecting these toys which can’t be found in Toys R’ Us and feeling great of being in possession of them will always be a part of the little kid spirit in me which will never age. What was your favourite toy you’ve collected and cherished from Happy Meals? I know it would never fail to cause your lips to curl into a smile because it indeed makes you happy! Tee-hee 🙂

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