With Malaysia’s heat being unpredictable these days, it can get way too hot and almost everyone is complaining about it. Nevertheless, there is one thing that everyone needs to take precaution about the heat; it’s our skin!

Whether you’re a girl or boy, one must always protect the skin against sunrays. To do that, a sunscreen is important since it saves the skin from 2 different ultraviolet rays, which are UVA, and UVB rays. This ultraviolet rays damage the skin, ages it prematurely and worst of all, increases the risk of skin cancer. When you’re often exposed to the sun, this will actually produce 90% of your wrinkles and the changes will only appear 20 – 30 years later. How terrifying!

So what are UVA and UVB? Simply said, UVA is ultra violet A ray which is the main cause of aging and wrinkling. This ray also penetrates through just about anything, even our skin on a cloudy day. On another hand, UVB is ultra violet B ray, which is the central cause of sun burning and tanning.

Therefore to protect our skin from UVA and UVB, a daily usage of sunscreens with good SPF and PA is needed. SPF, Sun Protection Factor is a measurement of how long a person can be exposed to the sun before getting burned. SPF 5 provides 50 minutes of exposure before the need to reapply, and the recommended usage starts from SPF 15, which provides 2 hour 30 minutes of protection. PA is a ranking used to determine the protection from UVA rays. Common PA rankings such as PA+(minimum protection), PA++(medium protection) and PA+++(highest protection).

The key tip when choosing your sunscreen is that the fairer your skin tone, meaning if you burn easily, the higher the SPF should be. Keep in mind that there are 2 types of sunscreens as well. One is chemical sunscreen that acts like a sponge and absorbing sunrays. It is also provides a natural finish since it does not feel heavy on the skin. There is also physical sunscreen that acts like a shield and block the sunrays. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin although it does not offer much UVA protection and leaves a white cast after applying.

Hence, with the heat being bipolar these days, water is not just important but sunscreen as well. Even if you are indoors doing your assignment in the library, or outdoors on the Monash Field, do not forget to apply your sunscreen!


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