Be Proud of Yourself!

by: Brindha Menon



You may be subconsciously aware that the only person we should compete with and compare ourselves to is who we were in the past and how far we’ve come from that. Remember, it’s YOU that needs to feel good about your own progress, not others.


However, we can’t help but feel this need to please others. And this need often becomes the primary goal we all strive so hard to achieve.


But the truth is, that no matter how far you’ve made it in life, regardless of your achievements, there will always be people who’ll be proud of you for a hot minute and then they go on to making remarks like “here’s how you could feel more self-accomplished” or “here’s what you could’ve done instead to be even more outstanding” as a form of constructive criticism. Some of which, stem from keeping our best interests at heart. However, when these suggestions for improvement are provided especially by those closest to us, at times we can’t help but feel not good enough.


More often than not, you tend to find yourself caring very much about how others perceive you. Consequently, their criticism facilitates the biggest critic there is; your inner critic. And then you go from feeling on top of the world to feeling as if your achievement(s) aren’t that meaningful after all.


Keep in mind, achievements don’t necessarily come in the form of certificates, titles or grades. An achievement could be as simple as choosing to get out of bed even though you feel like sinking in your sheets. It could be choosing to express a thought that is racing across your mind or an emotion you feel so deeply about, even though you feel like muting your vocal cords.


There is no weighing scale or accurate measurement to the “significance” of your achievement(s) whatever it may be.


Welcome feedback by extracting lessons from notable opinions and dismiss the ones that disregard your best interests. Bear in mind, the only person who should validate and appreciate that achievement is none other than yourself. And when your inner perfectionist or over-achiever is awakened, pacify that voice by crediting yourself for all that you have achieved or if not, at least all that you have experienced and learnt so far.


Our ability to achieve success depends on the strength of our wings gained through knowledge and experience. The greater our knowledge and experience, the higher we can fly.” – Catherine Pulsifer.


Remember, you encourage others to be proud of themselves when they observe how you embrace your capabilities paired with your determination to propel forward.


P.S. Just know that I am so proud of you!

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