The most exciting thing that happens on campus (that isn’t closing time) is the bazaar that happens seemingly every once in 2 to 3 weeks! Glorious, glorious food, cool clothes that I can never fit because they’re too small, toys galore and fancy accessories that surprisingly aren’t too harsh on your wallet.

Here’s what happened at the bazaar!

The most interesting thing from this particular bazaar out of all the bazaars that has been on campus in the past year was the booth where Uncle David, affectionately known as “soft toy uncle” from Damansara Uptown, was selling his Pokemon toys! It was a surprise as I was walking by and saw a pile of toys and my eyes widened like a fat kid who saw a mountain of candy.


There were also food & beverages and henna art being sold by Anak Yatim Sri-Sai Home at really cheap prices. Think back to your primary school days about a decade ago, you oldies. The Coca-Cola booth on Tuesday was pretty cool; you could get free drinks and a free stress ball if you just play the games there. They also had a “guess-the-amount-of-stress-balls” game and the winner received a large Coca-Cola bag. FYI, the School of Arts representatives won the bag so do bug them if you want to sneak a peak. For more free food, there was a Maybank booth on Tuesday where you’d get a Chatime Tealive-sized cup filled with popcorn. The only thing you had to do was fill in a form which included mentioning your CGPA, for some reason…

One of the events included a blood donation drive than spanned across the 3 days. The first 100 donors would receive ICE SKATING vouchers and something else that I can’t remember. I wasn’t allowed to donate because of a surgery but I was more bummed that I couldn’t get my hands on those vouchers. sob sob

There were an abundance of phone cases but there was only one model that was available for some reason (looking at you, Apple users). I couldn’t find anything for my Cina-mari (China-hailing) phone which was a bummer because there were some really cute cases. There was also a section of tech things like printers, keyboard, and this really cheap gaming mouse that was only RM15; sadly, it was not by Razer. Going back from technology dependency, there was also a stall selling many books with a diverse variety of genres.



As usual, the food choices were the same as almost every bazaar held on campus, but it’s still good and relatively cheap. Huge spicy fried chicken for RM8, seaweed popiah rolls (my absolute favorite because it’s something that I can binge on without feeling like a glutton) for RM6, and every student and lecturer’s blessing: coffee from Nescaf√© for less than RM2 a cup! I’m not dependent on caffeine & I only started liking coffee this year, but it still feels nice to know that there are still things that cost less than RM5 on campus that isn’t from a vending machine.

Bazaars on campus is sometimes the only reason why I would bother coming early when I only have a class at 4PM or anything after noon, really. 


RMM inside

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