Photographer: Erica Ang

Bash of Monash is a music event that is held once a month in the MUSA Lounge. It is an initiative by the Activities Department of Monash University Student Association (MUSA) that was introduced this semester to bring students together for one night of music performances by local artistes and students, amidst our busy schedules during the semester. While the first event held back in April brought local bands, the second of its kind held on the 19th of April 2019 brought us local hip-hop artistes, rappers and DJs. The line-up featured the likes of rappers such as Kayd, Asyrfnsir and Lil Asian Thiccie, and DJs like Anuar and 4.AM.Void. Students who paid RM 5 for their ticket to the event were treated to complimentary pizza and drinks while they sat around and enjoyed the music. In between each artiste’s sets, students listened to an ongoing playlist full of hip-hop music from the likes of Brockhampton, Frank Ocean and Amine, just to name a few while browsing through clothes on display at the pop-up stall set up by Plastic Thrifts, which is a student-run, online-based thrift store.


The night was kickstarted with a performance by fellow Monash student, and aspiring rapper and beat maker, Kayd. He took to the stage dressed in all black and commandeered the attention of those in attendance as a group slowly formed around him. He performed various original Korean rap verses mixed with English so fluently over funky, hip-hop instrumental beats. He was a natural performer with great stage presence and even though many of us didn’t understand the language he was rapping in neither did we know of the songs he was performing before that night, he managed to get all of us to repeat the words ‘Adibaji Gang‘, and sing and dance along to his original songs. The small and intimate setting in the MUSA Lounge made it easy for him to interact with the audience as he passed the mic to one audience member who rapped his own verse before passing the mic back to Kayd. The transition was so smoothly carried out and it really added something to the performance. Kayd was a personal favourite of mine from the night and definitely a highlight for me which I think most of the students in attendance will agree to as well.


Asyrfnsir (Photographer: Erica Ang)


The night continued with a performance by yet another fellow Monash student and 16 Baris alumni, rapper Asyrfnsir. He brightened the stage, quite literally in his bright pink windbreaker and his bright personality that definitely shined through in his performances. My personal favourite song that he performed was his latest single that was released in conjunction with International Women’s Day back in March, titled ‘Sunshine‘. He got the audience to sing along to the words of his song; chanting ‘you are my sunshine’. He definitely drew a bigger crowd as he is one of the bigger names on the line-up for this second installation of Bash of Monash. After his performance, the crowd was treated to a dance performance by members of the Monash Street Dance Society while waiting for the next artiste to take the stage.


Lil Asian Thiccie (Photographer: Erica Ang)


Lil Asian Thiccie, another 16 Baris alumni stood out as the only female performer in the line-up that night. She took the stage in a bright neon crop top with Anuar DJ-ing for her set. She treated the crowd to a cover of Doja Cat and Rico Nasty’s hit single ‘Tia Tamera’. She added her own little twist to the song by rapping her own verses to the song. She ended her set by performing her viral soundcloud track ‘Hiao‘. Although she did struggle with the Chinese rap verses originally sung by Nyonya Business on the track, she did perform a short but fun and enjoyable set for the crowd. After the last of the rappers on the set list finished their performances, the rest of the night was filled with back-to-back music being played by DJs Anuar and


Anuar (Photographer: Erica Ang)


All in all, Bash of Monash: Blunt Force Trauma was a fun and enjoyable night for my friends and I. For most of us, it was our first Bash of Monash so we couldn’t really compare our experience here to the first Bash of Monash that was held in March but we did enjoy ourselves and we look forward to the next installation of Bash of Monash and the artistes they will bring in next time around. I know I definitely have a few suggestions in mind on who to bring to campus for Bash of Monash. Thank you to the Activities Department of Monash University Student Association (MUSA) for their attempt at injecting some fun into our lives amidst all our crazy schedules and impending deadlines this semester.


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