Hopefully by now you have watched the much anticipated movie Avengers: Infinity War which dropped in cinemas more or less a month ago. The movie filled with action, comedy and emotional scenes also contained several references that one should know about as they might pop up again in future movies. That’s where I come in, I’m here to shed some light on 5 references from the movie and provide some information behind them. Before you proceed any further, I must say MAJOR spoilers lie ahead. If you are yet to watch the movie, I suggest you do so before reading this.

5. There’s a Black Panther AND a White Wolf?

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The one-armed man from the after credit scene in Black Panther is back! New and improved Bucky Barnes now goes by the a new alias: White Wolf. Previously known as the Winter Soldier, Bucky was sent to Wakanda at the end of Civil War for Shuri to rid his mine of whatever Hydra implanted. In Infinity War, we see T’Challa and Okoye head towards the fields as the king says “The White Wolf has rested long enough.” He then proceeds to give Bucky a new vibranium arm.

Now, who exactly is this ‘White Wolf’? Based on the comics, Bucky has taken up other mantles such as Captain America himself but there are no references of him ever becoming the White Wolf. That name instead is given to T’Challa’s adoptive brother. He was adopted by T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, given the name Hunter after his parents die in a plane that crashes in Wakanda. After the birth of T’Challa, Hunter realises that his chance of becoming the next king would be challenged and tries to prove himself to his adoptive father. He is instead appointed head of Wakanda’s secret police called the Hatut Zeraze and given the name ‘White Wolf.’ Following the death of T’Chaka, the police force is dissolved by the new king, T’Challa, and the White Wolf becomes a mercenary but stays loyal to Wakanda, helping them when they require it.

Obviously the movies took the story of the White Wolf down a different path but it is worth knowing where it came from. With Bucky now back and ready to fight, who knows what the future may hold for him? He may feature in another Black Panther movie or even become the next Captain America.

4. More than just a giant pot?

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At the start of the movie, Hulk crashes into the Sanctum after being sent back to Earth by Heimdall and warns the Doctor and Wong about Thanos. Dr Strange immediately seeks out Tony Stark and brings him to the Sanctum. As they explain to him regarding the threat that is coming, Tony comments on the way Dr Strange was speaking. During this time, Tony leans onto a strange looking pot when Dr Strange replies with ‘Are you seriously leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos?’

Along with all the other relics and artifacts that can be seen in the Sanctum Sanctorum in the first Doctor Strange movie, the Cauldron of the Cosmos appears to be another one of those artifacts. The Cauldron, in the comics, is a relic used by the Doctor to peek into the past, present and future along with different timelines and realities. Much like what he did with the use of the Time Stone when they were on a Titan to look at all the different timelines of the upcoming fight with Thanos.

This relic may pop up again in the future as they could use it to find a way to save their friends wiped out by Thanos or might be used in the next Doctor Strange movie.

3. A dwarf and a new weapon.

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Thor’s arc throughout most the movie was mostly focused on his adventure with Rocket and Groot to forge his weapon that he could use to defeat Thanos. They land in a realm called Nidavellir where with the help of an dwarf named Eitri forge Stormbreaker, an axe mix hammer hybrid weapon.

Let’s start with Eitri, who is he? Although it is not mentioned in the movie, based off the comics he is the king of the dwarves in Nidavellir. The Nidavellir of the movie is fairly similar to the one of the comics where people go there to forge powerful weapons. We may have not seen the last of Eitri as it may be possible that the heroes return to Nidavellir to potential build another Infinity Gauntlet, as we saw a mold of it there, but this is simply a theory.

Moving on to the weapon forged – Stormbreaker. Yes, I agree with Rocket when he says that the name is a little too much. Nevertheless, we all can admit that the Thor that wielded Stormbreaker was crazy powerful. The Stormbreaker never belonged to Thor in the comics, but to another character named Beta Ray Bill. He was spotted as one of the faces in the arena during Thor: Ragnarok.

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Source: Beta Ray Bill on the most left corner of the arena.

After defeating Thor in battle, Bill felt guilty for possessing Mjolnir as he felt it was always meant to belong to Thor. Odin who saw this, ordered Eitri and the Dwarves to forge Stormbreaker for Bill. It is safe to say we will be seeing a lot more of Thor and his new weapon in the next Avengers movie.

Another point that I would like to mention is whether anyone noticed this significant part of that weapon forging moment. When Eitri runs off to find a handle for the weapon, Groot takes it upon himself to use his arm to form a handle around it. After doing so he actually lifts the weapon up into the air. Now, does that mean Groot is actually worthy of using the weapon? Or does that simply mean anyone can possess it as there is no longer a spell cast upon it? What are your thoughts?

Groot has in fact wielded Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, before.

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Source: Groot

2. The tragic but peaceful ending.

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Source: Thanos

Most of us were speechless at how Infinity War ended. Some were probably too shook to properly understand the other scenes. Let’s start with right after Thanos snaps his fingers. He ends up in this realm of nothingness where he meets young Gamora once again. This in the comics, is known as the Soul Realm. It is where all the souls trapped by the Soul Stone go to and if the movie took this from the comics, that could indicate that all our fallen heroes as well as Gamora herself could still be very alive, simply stuck in another realm. This could be an important fact if the remaining heroes are to find a way to bring all of them back.

Fast forward a little to when we see Thanos looking over a peaceful planet as he says he would ‘rest’ after wiping out half of the universe, that planet is believed to be Gamora’s home planet which he claims is now peaceful. That scene has some similarities to the ending of the Infinity Gaunlet arc from the comics. The difference is Thanos was defeated and he exiled himself, becoming a farmer. Yes, a farmer. The ending portrayed similarities as both the movie and comic ended with him sitting and watching the sunset.

1. Captain Who?

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Source: Captain Marvel

Last but not least, who can forget the iconic after credit scene that foreshadowed the coming, or return, of one of the most powerful Marvel heroes out there – Captain Marvel.

In the after credit scene, we see Nick Fury along with Maria Hill and the rest of the world fall victim to Thanos’ wiping of half the universe. Nick, who realized what is happening, runs and grabs am odd looking pager and manages to send a message before he too turns to dust. The page falls on the ground and takes a moment to send before revealing Marvel’s iconic logo.

Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, was an Air Force pilot who was only a supporting character to the first Captain Marvel known as Captain Mar-Vell who was a member of the Kree, an alien race. After an accident with Mar-Vell, it was revealed much later that Carol got infused with his Kree blood which gave her superhuman abilities. She is the 8th person to carry the Captain Marvel mantle to date.

It was announced that she will be having her own movie in early 2019, but it will be more of an origin story explaining her character before she appears in Avengers 4. The movie will explain why she never showed up in any of the other movies, because as some of you might be thinking, she could’ve really helped with the Chitauri invasion in Avengers 1 and with dealing with Ultron in Avengers 2. It also sets to show a younger Nick Fury who still had both his eyes and how he came to possess the pager he used to contact her.

Hopefully armed with some knowledge about these references, it’ll help you further understand the storyline if they were to pop up again in future movies.

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