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Tiffany Tay

Tiffany Tay

Horizon of Colours: Monash Photography Club Exhibition

The place to grow your photography passion in Monash Malaysia…

Online Dating: Embracing Your Value (Part Three)

If you think you’re ready for online dating, here are a few things you should know 🙂

Online Dating: Navigating the Ocean (Part Two)

Thinking about trying out online dating? Be sure to read this first!

Online Dating: The Introvert’s Guide (Part One)

What makes online dating platforms so alluring for introverts? Let me count the ways…

Life Advice & Social Matters

The Road to Recovery is a Journey (Final Breakup Advice)

Ever wondered why it takes some people YEARS to get over a breakup? Here’s why recovery is not the end goal, but a series of milestones.

Events & Activities

Psyched for Internships: Monash Career Fair 2018

What are the career and internship options for a psychology student? Here are the options provided by the recent Career Fair.

Life Advice & Social Matters

Winning the breakup vs Moving on (Breakup Advice: Part 2)

Does winning the breakup guarantee a surefire way of “getting over” and “getting back at” your ex? Find out who is the real “winner” of the breakup.

Life Advice & Social Matters

When to end the relationship (Breakup Advice: Part One)

Are you struggling to keep your relationship afloat but still feel drained? Here are 7 signs that signify it’s time to end the relationship.