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Nordafina Abdul Nasir


Nordafina Abdul Nasir

Year End Production: The Happiness of Mankind

Monash Performing Arts Club (MPAC) is back with another Year End Production; this time, with a sci-fi, neo-noir-esque drama! Check out what went down during the show!

Everything is a Guilty Pleasure When It’s “Feminine”

Enough with trying to be the “cool girl”. Just do you.

You Can’t Read Through a Screen

Beyond the hours that we spend on social media, preoccupied with keeping up with others, is a life of our own that slowly slips out of our grasp. It’s time to unwind and look on both sides of our one-way window.

The Art of being Artsy in Malaysia

An enthralling arts scene in a stagnant society, here’s to the past, present, future and longing artists of Malaysia.

Transitioning into Loving You

Growing up has been tough since day 1 and now you’re expected to navigate your way to finding love? Here’s some advice for all of you who are looking for someone to fill in that void in your soul that only wants a bit of companionship.

Night of Drama: Round Two!

Comedy, crime, love and music; read further to see how part 2 of MPAC’s Night of Drama (NOD) went down!

The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen

An homage to women everywhere.

M is for Musicals

If you’re looking for some musical goodness, here are 5 great musical performances to add to your Spotify playlist!

Are You Doing Too Much?

If you’ve ever wondered why you couldn’t end your day without having a mental debate with yourself over whether or not you’ve accomplished your daily goals, ask yourself this, “Am I doing too much?”