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Mason Jarius


Mason Jarius

Beyond the Spectrum

Sexuality is fluid, beautiful and ever-changing. However, there are those who lie just outside the spectrum. Those that are simply detached from the idea of sex. That’s right, for this article, I will be addressing asexuality.

Haze: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself From It

With the arrival of haze into the urban landscapes of Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia has become a recipient of the smog. Thus, I have come to share several tips and tricks to combat the haze.

TEDxMonash University Malaysia: Round 2

The final installment of the TEDxMonash University Malaysia article! Dive right in to read about the final 7 speakers and their stories!

TEDxMonash University Malaysia: Round 1

Missed the talk? Want to know who the speakers are? Say no more and jump right into the article to check out the speakers for TEDxMonash University Malaysia Talk!