The phrase ‘men are trash’ has been thrown around a lot recently. This sentence floating around has provoked feelings of toxic masculinity amongst most men. However, what most men have failed to realize is that this is not how women perceive men. It is a phrase mostly used by women during a light conversation. Women are bombarded with harassment; they feel that some men can’t be trusted.

Men that get rejected feel like a victim and blame the woman rather than blame themselves. Some men would even go as far as to blame it on the mass feminist movement, thinking that women are clouded by hatred towards the opposite sex.

Men are trash connotes a feeling of amuse amongst women. The phrase should not be taken as seriously as some men do. The male complex feels that their masculinity is hurt when women judge their attitude.

This is understandable due to the burden of exceeding gender roles in their childhood that made them grow up to believe that they should validate their masculinity through the lack of complex emotions.

Almost all of the ‘men are trash’ jokes come from a sense of light heartedness humor and should not hurt men’s feelings. They should rise above it, and not respond with even more bickering.

The fact that Facebook, which it cannot be stressed on how widely, used it is, saw fit that ‘men are trash’ is more offensive than, ‘feminists should be burnt on a bonfire’, says a lot about how sensitive men can be about the way women talk about them. Meanwhile women are induced with a mass of slut shaming, fat shaming, harassment, etc.

Women that say ‘men are trash’ are usually labelled as feminist. This should not be promoted. Feminism is often misunderstood as man-hating, which it is the complete opposite, and some people should read a book or two just to be able to understand the issue more.

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