Learning is commonly depicted as an educational necessity. Education is definitely crucial and even if there is a substitution to that, there is no easy way out when it comes to dedication and sacrifice. You cannot dodge hard work. Even if it’s for the simplest matters. All that is of added value in life can only be easily accessible if you actually approach it and believe that it is attainable.

By the same token, do not limit your education to the system/syllabus that has been implemented for you to adhere to. Learning doesn’t just end at school, university or work. It is a lifelong subscription plan. One that progressively broadens your horizons. How fascinating is it that you don’t just learn from people of notable qualifications, power, privilege or status? You can even learn from those who had to learn it the hard way and build something from nothing. There’s a sea of books. There’s the magnanimous Internet. Why even go that far? You can learn from your own intuition.

You may not even realise this but the life you live is a learning ground that has already been designed to feed the underlying curiosity within you. Accept the various lessons lined up for you to learn from and watch yourself thrive. Do not turn your back on these windows of opportunities. Allow yourself to get vacuumed into the various spaces that await you to unravel.

You learn from experiences without realizing that learning in itself is an experience. Develop this urge to learn from everything and everyone. Be it visible or invisible. Whether it fuels your intellect with knowledge or vibes with your soul, learning is the one favor you can do for yourself that will never go to waste. Do this and witness yourself exceed your own expectations.

”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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