If you’re reading this you’re probably a student (not making wild assumptions here but we are on a university website) who probably have issues up there. Before I start off, I just want to say that It’s completely normal guys and girls! It really is, I mean we all are probably too busy with our social lives, also our loaded assignments and studies that our hair is the least of our concern. Not to mention, that we agree to disagree that the water in this country (in a subtle context) gives us side effects. But not to worry, G is here to the rescue!

The Crazy Snowflakes

Nope, Not talking about actual cold snowflakes that you can use to build snowman’s but the flakes that grows on your hair. These flakes are formed by clumped up oils that forms in your head. There are a few reasons as to why these little annoying white guys appear which is normally due to an unsuitable hair shampoo, dirty sheets or surroundings, a not-so regular enough hair wash routine, a not-so proper hair wash routine and is also sometimes caused my hormonal changes or even stress! Besides me telling you to do the opposite of the problems mentioned above, as in wash your hair more regularly and properly, so on and so on. There are a few natural and affordable ways to get rid of it;

  • Lemon = Apply lemon juice to your scalp for an hour or so, wash your hair (if possible add lemon juice to the water as well) and don’t forget to scrub it properly and massage your scalp while you wash your hair.
  • Menthol Shampoos – Personally, Menthol shampoos always works for me, the minty sensation just refreshes and rejuvenates your scalp. And the after feeling is breezy too!
  • Baking Soda- This ingredient is used in a lot of home remedies when it comes to beauty, and yep it works for dandruff too! Just add a little baking soda with water or you could even mix it up with a little lemon juice and scrub your scalp softly. The scrubbing will remove flakes that stick onto your scalp. But remember to wash your hair intensely after, or else you’ll surely get rid of the flakes but replace it with baking flakes ( hehe).

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The Niagara Falls

Again, Not talking about the beautiful and iconic waterfall but instead it’s your beautiful hair shedding and thinning making you go crazy because there isn’t a day where you don’t spot a piece of your hair on your sheets. Hair fall is pretty normal, research says that it is normal for women or people with longer hair to shed about 100 pieces of hair a day. But sometimes it’s extensive to the point of insanity. I know the feeling, I’ve been there. Hairfall is caused by a lot of factors such as, again… Stress, hormonal changes, diet changes, unsuitable shampoo, too much heating tools used, excessive use of hair products and even your eating habits. A few ways to prevent it;

  • Get a haircut, and start fresh! Your scalp is probably too weak to withhold the length of your hair which brings me to the next point..
  • NUTRIENTS, NUTRIENTS, NUTRIENTS! I cannot stress anymore on how important nutrients are for the growth of your hair, nails and basically your immune systems! Eat your veggies guys! And do some research as to which food are nutritious enough to keep your hair healthy! Omega-3s really helps!
  • Oil your hair, this is a traditional remedy in many cultures. Use up coconut oil, castor oil and even almond oil for your hair. You can mix these oil with tea tree oil, heat up garlic with it or even onions! I know it’s going to stink but it helps! It really does.

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The French Fry

Yepp.. You guessed it! Oily hair! This is really normal when your hair is pretty sensitive and too smooth. Oily hair is mainly caused by dirt, dust and dirt! Other factors are similar to the ones mentioned above for the Niagara falls & the Snowflake. There are however, only two remedies that I’ve found helpful to fight off the fry!

  • Lemon Juice, helped for the snowflake, helps for this as well! The acid neutralizes the ph. of your hair that dries up the oil from it and gives a more voluminous look.
  • Baby powder, apply a little baby powder on your hair if you get too lazy to wash your hair. Baby powder can be used as a safer and softer alternative to dry shampoo.
  • And well, wash your hair regularly with cold water or room temperature water


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The Sahara Desert

Dried, sandy and lonely. Yes, this is for dried or damaged hair. This normally happens when you’ve excessively styled your hair with heating irons, hairdryers, hairsprays and other hair products or it can even be caused by an unsuitable shampoo. Here are some tips on fixing it:

  • Olive Oil & Coconut Oil, Slightly heat up the oil and massage your scalp and hair with it before you take it for a wash. Leave it for a couple of hours or for best results leave it over night.
  • Yogurt, Plain yogurts when applied to hair before wash gives out a really smooth after effect.
  • Some also suggest applying butter to your hair, although I’m not sure of the results it is recommended in articles.
  • Aloe Vera, This is also a traditional method which requires taking off an aloe plant and scraping the gooey juice on to your hair, if you want to be slightly more convenient then just get aloe juice or gel which also is an alternative!

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Besides all the tips mentioned above, I must emphasize that it is much safer and less damaging if you wash your hair with cold or room temperature water. Hot and warm water tends to make hair more brittle as pores open up. These remedies will only help if you do it daily or every alternate days for visible results. And also don’t forget to let your hair breath, open it up and fault it, let some O2 travel through your pores. Stay stress free & if you have extreme hair problems then it would be best if you consult it with a professional. Hopefully, your hair would be as healthy and as flawless as hair shampoo advertisements on television! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks with G!

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