As the lights went out, everyone had the same thought on their mind: the long wait is finally over.

Before we get into that, what exactly am I talking about? Movie Night was a collaboration between the School of Business, School of Information Technology and School of Art and Social Sciences where students would get the chance to experience what they and the rest of the world have been waiting ages for… Avengers: Infinity War. There was no reason for anyone not to go. I mean come on, RM 8 for a movie WITH popcorn and a drink? A deal like that doesn’t come by very often. The moment the tickets dropped, people immediately queued up at the booth near the library. Sadly, tickets were limited but I was fortunate enough to get myself one.

People crowding by the ticket booth.

The movie that was set to screen in GSC Cinema, Summit USJ on the 27th April 2018 was a movie event I knew I couldn’t miss. Eventhough I had already gone for the premiere 2 days before, it was definitely worth watching again. My classes ended at 5pm that day and by the time I got to the cinema, swarms of Monash students had already queued to redeem their ticket. Walking into the hall, popcorn and drink in hand, I was just as excited as the rest of the people although I had already watched it once.

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The food and drinks that came with your ticket.

As the lights went out, several claps could be heard along with some cheers from excited Marvel fans. As the Marvel logo appeared with the classic music, goosebumps ran down my skin. The hall was packed and for those 2 hours and 40 minutes, everyone was undoubtedly on the edge of their seats.

Now unfortunately for the sake of the readers out there who have yet to watch the movie, I can’t and will not be discussing what students saw while we were in the hall. All I can say is, there were a lot of “OH MY GOSH!” moments and a lot of “DID THAT JUST HAPPEN” and many laughing out loud moments alongside some tears gushing down like a waterfall moments. If I were to give a review of this movie, it would definitely be Infinity/10, get it? It’s a movie a well balanced movie that invokes a different emotion after another.


A movie definitely worth watching more than once, everyone on this planet should be blessed with the awesomeness of this movie. Even if you have yet to watch a single Marvel movie, or if you’re the girlfriend who usually just tags along when your geeky boyfriend goes to watch these movies and gasps at moments you don’t understand, you need to, and let me emphasize of the NEED to, watch this movie.

This event will definitely be a memorable one, not only did most of them get to experience this amazing movie surrounded by their good friends, they also got to watch a movie that would be stuck in their mind for a long time. The Pro? This movie was beyond amazing. The Con? The next one is in a year. *sigh* So the wait begins. I hope they consider doing another event such as this one for the untitled 4th installment of the Avengers, if they do, you’ll definitely see me among the students standing in line for a ticket once again.

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