Part of a mini-series were I take you out for 24 hours around major cities of the world.

Mumbai, a city filled with lights, hustle and bustle, may seem like a daunting place for many visitors coming for the first time, yet, if you know the right places to visit, you’ll surely find that Mumbai is, truly, the city of dreams. Granted, only a day to spend in the commercial capital of India will not do justice to find out what Mumbai really is, you can, however, have a fun-filled 24 hours with just a few tips.

A shopper’s paradise for almost everyone, 7485b46b2aa78a9c4e8384f3f40dca15-mumbai-bombayMumbai is famous for touching both the east and west of the world in terms of shopping. Your trip would not be complete without doing at least a little bit of roadside shopping, and Linking Road in Bandra and Fashion Street is the place to be. In terms of shopping malls, Mumbai is not to be left out, with high-end centres such as the Inorbit Mall and the Palladium Mall catering to every need.

The Haji Ali, an imposing structure set in the middle of the Arabian Sea, is both a tomb and a mosque, and is an exquisite example of fine architecture. Sitting on a jetty a few miles from the main-land, this is a very spiritual experience for most seeing the structure glittering in gold in the midst of the sea. Mumbai also holds fame for its many parks and gardens set in the middle of the city, and one of these is known as the Hanging Gardens, a set of terraced gardens perched atop Malabar Hill. This is one place to visit if you fancy a great view of the city amidst peace and quiet.

While Bollywood gains popularity throughout the world, Mumbai is the city where it was born, so for anyone interested in the film industry, this city is full of possibilities. Film City is the heart of Bollywood flicks, and is a great place to witness a movie in action, and who knows, maybe even see a few stars here and there.Mumbai-Street-Shopping

A famous tourist attraction both by day and night, the Colaba Causeway is a great place to truly see Mumbai at its glory. Woven with tiny cafes, quaint restaurants and an abundance of shops, this place will keep you entertained throughout the day. At a walking distance is Mumbai’s most recognized monument, The Gateway of India, and is, of course, one of the highlights of this city. An hour away by boat from the monument gets you to the infamous Elephenta Caves, an intricate network of finely sculpted caves filled with history and heritage.

Mumbai by Night

The Colaba Causeway comes alive at night. A great spot for sight-seeing while the sun is up, this place transforms into a buzzing and electrifying cacophony of sounds and lights by the end of the day. The Taj Hotel, one of India’s finest establishments, is a great day to end your night with a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants it offers. If you’re still feeling adventurous, then a chariot ride around the Gateway of India ensures a great way to have fun. These fancily decorated chariots not only gave you a glimpse of how the locals spend their evenings, but also allow you to witness the beauty of the Gateway and its surroundings.

A short distance away from the causeway is a sight to behold, knowmarine-driven
as the Marine Drive. This boulevard, stretching out for around three kilometres, curves around the Bay of Bengal, offering a great view of the city. Also known as The Queen’s Necklace, this is aptly named as the streetlights at night give the sense of a glittering diamond necklace, and is worth a drive around this wide road.

Though Mumbai may not be the capital of India, it has its own flair that makes it worthy of being one of the most popular cities of the nation. Flocked by tourists for its wonderful heritage and architecture, coupled with the fact that Bollywood runs prevalent, this cosmopolitan is a great destination for a fun and exciting holiday spot. No matter the amount of time you have in this city, you’ll be sure to experience at least a tiny taste of Mumbai and its many attractions.

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