It’s April 2019, and trends are ever changing. While fashion shows might show you what’s coming next in fashion, nothing compares to what the streets have to offer. So if you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up to date with the trendiest styles this year, this article was made just for YOU!

Here I’ve rounded up 8 street style trends to inspire your everyday looks. Let’s get started!

1. Wild Prints and Patterns

If you’ve not known this yet, animal prints are the total it thing in fash this year. And I’m absolutely in love with this trend! The loud leopard print has appeared on a variety of garments, including pants, coats, dresses, suits, and more. You can spice up your look with anything printed and you’ll effortlessly look so high-fashion. Best part, leopard never goes out of fashion so whatever you’re investing in will be worth it. P.S. You’ll definitely catch me around Uni with something leopard-ish!


2) Neon’s Back In Style

Guess who’s back, back again? Neon’s back, tell a friend! Everyone has got to give this trend a shot.This challenging style can be pulled off on one condition: DON’T OVER DO IT! A little goes a long way with this trend. You can follow it by carrying a neon-coloured clutch, or a basic bright coloured tube top paired with any bottoms. It’s time to throw out last year’s pastels, and welcome neons with a bang!


3) Revival of Silk and Satin Tops

Ahhhh, yes. One of my fav trends that’s back from the 2000s. Commonly sold in the form of camisoles or button up tops, these can easily be paired with anything and worn on any occasion! It just depends on what you wear it with and how you style it. Head to your nearest Cotton On or Zara for a silk or satin top!


4) Suiting

Suiting has taken the ready-to-wear world by storm, and while suits of all kinds are here to stay, it’s the shorts suits that I hope would stay this season! Put on a sleek blazer and pair it with bike shorts for a fun casual look or a pair of jeans if you’re looking to be more formal. A new kind of everyday elegance brought to you by – suiting.


5) Puffed Shoulders

Big puffy shoulders are back again boys and girls. And whether you’re a minimalist who likes it to be subtle or a maximalist who likes to push the boundaries of style, this 2019 fashion trend promises to deliver a puffy sleeve piece that fits your vibe. Puff sleeve tops are the best way to try out these trend!


6) Tie-dye

I know. Tie dye…why didn’t you just die?! I’m as surprised as you are at the recurrence of this 60s print, but alas it seems tie-dye truly is back in fashion. No longer the preserve of art teachers and ageing hippies, tie-dye has had a modern update. We now have tie-dyed blazers, tie-dyed bags and even tie-dyed inspired accessories! So you’ve got an array of types to choose from. Exciting isn’t it?


7) Accessmorphiss

Wait..what? Accessmorphiss? Yes guys, it’s a thing. it’s the transformation of bags and wallets into clothing. Belt-bags (fanny packs) are the biggest example of this trend. It’s becoming increasingly famous and you can see more and more people following this trend day by day! On top of being extremely stylish, belt-bags offer function and convenience.


8) Tortoise Shell Earrings

Statement earrings are the best way to try out new trends and they can totally revamp your outfit.  This year, it’s all about tortoise shell earrings. TBH, this is one of my favourite trends in 2019! It’s striking, but in a very sophisticated way. This earring style can make a boring outfit look 10x more interesting! No joke. Just try it and see. They come in different designs and looks from you to choose from!

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