Whoever said writing is easy, it certainly is and is not. It is if you are endlessly writing all the type of words that you know and it does not have to make sense. It is not when you have a limit to the number of words that you are writing and you are restricted with a sense of direction.

Writers are often not appreciated enough and that’s sad. Unless those writers that have spend their entire lives in the writing industry, it’s slower for the rest to get recognition.

See, having to write for Radio Monash blog for more than a year taught me some stuff and here is some of them:

  1. Have your personal writing style

People will definitely grow into your unique writing style, whether you love putting hashtags at the end of your sentences, or typing literally “ha ha” in your interview article, or using fancy vocabulary that makes people pause to look for its meaning in the dictionary. With this way, people will definitely look forward to reading your future articles!

  1. Always know who’s your target audience

This is extremely important. Always always always know who you are writing for. Are they students/kids/adults? Do they come from a certain background similar to you? By roughly knowing a little about your readers will make them appreciate you more as they can relate to you even better.

  1. Prepare your content early

We all know how long it takes for one to do a research paper. It’s almost the same as that! Do your findings early, bookmark whatever you need, ask around for opinions and so on. It’s not fun when you are near your deadline but having to know that you are wayyy off topic.

  1. Double check your grammar/vocabulary/spelling

Human make mistakes, I know. Although it does not hurt for you to double check your grammar, use of vocabulary and spelling mistakes. Sometimes, a small mistake be misleading and what’s more when thousands are reading your article!

  1. Be proud of what you write!

Your article does not have to be perfect, really. There is no perfect writer, in fact. Just enjoy the flow, learn from your mistakes and continue to improve your writing!

That’s all from me for this semester, bye!

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