Shows can be a wonderful medium for storytelling. Episodic storytelling means more depth is narrated with each aspect of the story. Given how the production value and the sheer quality of storytelling of TV shows has vastly improved over the years, TV shows are the biggest thing right now in entertainment!

Which one should you watch? Too many shows are available on the market right now, making it difficult to choose a show to watch.  Here are 5 upcoming shows in 2019 you must watch!

1. The Witcher


Based on the acclaimed series by author Andrzej Sapkowski, Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, a lone monster hunter who fears people more than beasts. Fate puts Geralt with a powerful sorceress and a young princess with a dangerous secret and together they must travel the lands and overcome treacherous obstacles. The massively popular and critically acclaimed video game series should be enough to attract you to watch this show but how the story and magic unfolds, as it is based on the books, remains to be seen. Be sure to catch Henry Cavill as the Witcher on Netflix in 2019.

2. The Mandalorian


A Star Wars live-action series? Pedro Pascal as the lead? Written by Jon Favreau? Yes, yes and yes. These answers alone should be enough to catch your attention. Taking place after the fall of the Empire (a few years after the Return of the Jedi) and before the rise of the First Order, this show follows a lone Mandalorian gunfighter, a race of people hailing from the home planet of Mandalore which is home to Boba Fett, on the outskirts of the galaxy away from the reaches of the New Republic. The Clone Wars was a critically acclaimed show but as it was animated, the wonders of a live-action show remains to be discovered. Follow Pedro Pascal as the Mandalorian on Disney+ in 2019.

3. Watchmen


Coming off of the critically acclaimed and widely known as one of the best comic books of all time by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, this television adaptation looks at an alternate history where superheroes existed in the 1940s and 1960s, influencing many historical events in the United States. They were outlawed in the 1980s and this show takes a look at history where vigilantes continued to exist and work outside the law. Make sure you tune into Watchmen on HBO in 2019.

4. His Dark Materials


The epic fantasy novels by Sir Philip Pullman explores parallel universes, with themes that hint to the concepts physics, philosophy and theology alongside magical creatures like polar bears and animals that are manifests of one’s inner self. Considered as one of the best epic fantasy stories ever written, this show has James McAvoy, Dafne Keen and Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with other actors in this grand adventure. Make sure you catch His Dark Materials on HBO in 2019.

5. The Boys


An R-rated superhero series? Superheroes are the bad guys? Karl Urban is here to put them in their place, Dredd-style. From the creators of Sausage Party, you already know how raunchy, gory and violent this show is going to be. The Boys, based on the hit comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson,  revolves around a group of vigilantes who are out to take down corrupt superheroes who are rampant with their unchecked behaviours. Having no powers isn’t going to help them either. What’s going to happen? Catch Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime Video in 2019.

There you have it folks, the 5 shows that you can’t miss this year. Make sure you set some time aside and have fun watching!

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