Nothing makes me happier than finishing a good book. Sometimes, I can tell whether or not I like the book by its ability to make me cry.  Not to say I particularly enjoy crying, but sometimes we have all these emotions in us that we just need to let out. What better way to do so than with a good cry?


Here are some books that set my waterworks to full capacity:

1. A Monster Calls

Shortly after Connor’s mother falls ill to a serious illness, he starts getting dreams of a terrible monster. Other than having to deal with his father who is away with his new family and his grandmother, who he can’t seem to get along with, Connor is plagued with dreams of this creature. Until one night, the monster visits his bedroom.

A Monster Calls is a middle school children’s book but very touching. It was adapted into a movie a few years after the book was released and it was just as great.


2. All The Light We Cannot See

2014 Goodreads Choice Winner, All the Light We Cannot See (ALTWCS) is set during World War II and circulates around two main characters, blind French girl, Marie Laure, who flees Paris with her father to live with a relative, and orphaned German boy, Werner, who finds a talent in fixing broken radios. Thoughout the book, we grow up with the two characters through the war and through their childhood.

I wouldn’t want to spoil too much, but ATLWCS truly evokes emotions in me I wasn’t even sure I had. The raw realness of the story had me taken aback. I’m one who enjoys WWII themed books and imagining the story of these two characters felt so real. It was almost as though these were real stories that actually happened. Easily one of my faves.


3. All the Bright Places

Violet, heart broken over the loss of her sister and Theodore Finch, a boy fascinated by death, find themselves working together on a project to find the natural wonders of the state they live in. Together, they found parts of themselves they could only access while they were with each other.

I was a HUGE fan of The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS) when it first came out and All the Bright Places (ATBP) gave me a slight TFIOS vibe. I wouldn’t say they’re similar but I loved ATBP almost as much as I did John Green’s classic. It left me on a long book hangover.


4. The Sky Is Everywhere

Lennie finds her whole life torn apart when she loses her sister. In comfort, she finds two boys who take the sorrow away. But she finds herself struggling to balance the two. Not to mention, she shouldn’t even be seeing one of them.

Although frustrating at times, Jandy Nelson’s writing always evokes all these emotions from me. The Sky is Everywhere is so beautifully written, so poetic and it left a permanent mark in my heart.


5. Wonder

Auggie Pullman describes the way he looks to people who havent seen him with, “whatever youre thinking, its probably worse.” Auggie is just like all the other 10 year old boys out there. Only he was born with a face deformity that sends the other children running away. For the first time after being homeschooled, his parents finally decide its time to send him to regular school. Here Auggie learns what the real world is like and in turn, touches the lives of the people around him.

I feel that no matter what genre you’re into, everyone will enjoy this book. It’s something everyone can enjoy.


Happy reading!!!


Lots of love,


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