I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about 2 kinds of people, and during this conversation we realized how many “2 kinds of people” we could name and list out. So here are the 2 kinds of people in every situation.

Let’s start of with something light yes?

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Now let’s clear the waters, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It starts with a G and it is pronounced Gr not Gi. So by right it should be GIF right? Here’s where it gets interesting. The creator of the GIF, Steve Wilhite says it’s pronounced JIF. Now whether or not he’s playing devil’s advocate or simply thinks it should be pronounced that way, I have no idea. Although in grammatical terms GIF would be correct, but if the man who created it said it should be pronounced this way, is there really much of an argument there?

HOWEVER, if we are on the side of the creator simply because he is the creator, is that valid? Even the oldest traditions, inventions and/or conventions are changed over time. So can we argue that he simply made a mistake? Therefore giving us creative room to determine for ourselves?

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Sauce on the Fries vs Sauce on the Side

This could be down to just the way you enjoy your fries, and for the sanctity of all things fried and potato, I must declare that I mean no malice in the following text.

Let’s play a mini-quiz:

Are you:
Well organized?
Use forks a lot?
Raise a pinky when you sip your tea?

If you answered in the affirmative for the above, odds are you’re a sauce on the side person.

You like things clean and easy to look at, everything is in its place and in its place it will stay. It directly reflects on how you like your saucy fries, with the fries in the containers and sauce on the side of a plate, you pick your fries up one at a time and dip, roll, slide and dab your fries in a repetitive orderly fashion. You eat at a slow, steady pace, appreciating every bite and all the little things in life.

With that being said, if you aren’t in the majority of the above, are you:
Very hands on?
Enjoy immersion?
Chug cups of coffee in the morning?

If you answered in the affirmative for these questions, you’re probably inclined to marinate your fries in gallons of sauce.

You like to get things done quickly and efficiently, it’s not exactly the cleanest way to go about things, but it gets the job done. You also love the taste of sauce, you enjoy the sight of marinated fries in ketchup/chili, you hork it all down so fast and then you chug a large cup of coke down your gullet, you sit back, relax and let it all sink in. That’s enjoyment.

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Chewing with Mouth Open vs Mouth Closed

If you chew with your mouth closed, you’re probably self conscious, courteous, care about letting everyone enjoy their food and generally are cool people to hang around.

If you chew with your mouth open you are a bane to humanity. I read on an article that if we’re annoyed by loud chewing it might be a mental illness. I say nay, I say that all open mouth chewers are the problem, they are the blight of human existence, you do not deserve nice things.


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Milk to Cereal vs Cereal to Milk

Now here’s what I don’t understand about people who pour their cereal after their milk. DO you pour your hot water before your coffee? NAH, because you want all the powder to melt into the water and mix well, if you pour the powder into a cup of water, a good majority of the powder stays afloat in the cup and doesn’t get mixed. The same concept applies to cereal and milk, you put your base substance in before the solvent for the perfect mix.

Plus if you pour cereal into milk it’ll probably splash everywhere so HAH, YOU DESERVE THE MESS YOU’VE MADE FOR YOURSELF WITH SUCH TERRIBLE DECISIONS.


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Apple vs Android

Alas, it has come to this, like all basic primal instincts, we must compare the fruit to the machine, the Jobs to the.. whoever made Android. To be fair to Android, they’ve definitely gotten their edge in late on, Apple has been playing catch up for a little while now. It honestly looks like because Android started to progress really well, Apple decided to make drastic changes (i.e. no earphone jack) and even now with removing the fingerprint scanner.

If you like Android, you are most likely:

Not a hypebeast
Enjoy being different
Enjoy bashing Apple whenever Apple users think that they have a new and exclusive function

If you like Apple, you are most likely:

A hypebeast
Takes lots of instagrammable photos with deep captions
A slave to Apple products and can never change from it because it’s all you ever know and as much as you complain about how much the prices hike up or how extreme the changes are, you’ll buy into it because you a SL4VE

Okay thanks for reading, bye!

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