Malaysia is a country that personifies diversity, and this is best represented in its food. From the popular nasi lemak to durian ice cream, here are 10 delicious street food dishes you don’t want to miss, especially for all the foreigners out there!

Malaysia is a food lover’s paradise as the food is usually boasting cheap price, from all the traditional techniques and mouth-watering local cuisine. This vast country is packed with colorful food stalls, making it easy for travelers wanting to get a taste of Malaysian fare. There are trains and cheap public transport facilities, and especially for students there are a lot of discounts. Here are 10 delicious Malaysian food dishes you need to make room for.

1. Nasi Lemak

A food legend and a cultural icon of Malaysia. Ladies and gentlemen, nasi lemak is a dish that’s not to be missed. Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk which is paired with roasted crunchy peanuts, crispy well-cooked anchovies, braised boiled eggs, and most importantly, the sweet-spicy sambal.

2. Satay

Satay is a total roadside food, seasoned meat skewered on a bamboo stick, this dish is intensely grilled over a hot fire. People try satay in chicken, mutton or beef.

Pro tip: Eat it with the sweet and spicy traditional peanut sauce.


3. Chicken Rice

This is a very popular full lunch dish. Easily found at hawker centers all over Kuala Lumpur. It’s basically steamed chicken, with a healthy drizzle of soy sauce and slices of cucumber for a refreshing touch. Also shown in the menu with roast pork belly or barbecued pork.

4. Ramly Burger

This amazingly famous super-star burger has graced the shores of New York City and is now filling in Malaysian tummies. Locals usually eat this as a late night snack which is available all over Malaysia.

Pro Tip: SS15 has one of the most amazing Ramly Burger joint called the Burgertory.

5. Banana Leaf

One of the great South Indian cuisines that Malaysians have. Its white rice served on a banana leaf, with some vegetables that compliment the dish, some curry (fish or meat), papadum (crispy giant looking chips) and some pickles. Some restaurants also serve it as a vegetarian meal if you are a vegetarian.



6. Tea Tarik

The word ‘Tarik’ in Malay, basically means ‘Pull’. Mostly available in all the cafes. It’s a basic black tea with condensed milk in it, but the ‘pulling’ gives it a special Malaysian touch. The chef pours it back and forth between two cups to shake it till it’s ostensibly cooled.

Pro Tip: Order Roti Canai and then have it with the Tea Tarik, it’s a savage combination.

7. Bah kut teh

The name literally translates as ‘meat bone tea’. It essentially consists of pork fat ribs which are simmered in a broth of herbs and spices (including cinnamon, cloves and of course- Malaysian love). This is very popular amongst Chinese Malaysians.

Pro Tip: If you want to taste the best of bakuteh then you should head to Pudu Wet Market and ask for their famous bakuteh. Trust me, usually there is a long queue!

8. Wonton or Wonton Mee(Noodle Soup with Dumplings)

This is a low key appetizer sort of a dish. Tossed in black sauce, served in wontons and usually topped with chunks of roast pork, with pickled chilies on the side in style! You can also have it without pork if you wish!

9. Durians

A favorite fruit for Malaysians. Durians are surrounded by fantastical lore. For all the people who drink, please do not ever, ever drink alcohol and eat durians because you will DIEE! Drinking salt water using the durian’s shell as a cup is how you prevent smelly burps.

Pro Tip: Never eat Durian before meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend or do not even eat it with them.

10. Laksa

Laksa is typically very popular amongst Punjabi Malaysians. Laksa eateries have been migrating abroad in recent years. We can call Laksa a very customized dish, it has a lot of variations. For a lot of people, it is like they are gulping curry down their throat, but it is basically a soup. You can try it with Prawn, fish, or any meat.
Pro Tip: Penang’s Asam Laksa is one of the best Laksa you can try out in Malaysia.

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