Our campus is currently under a major construction process, where everything is happening at once and nothing is visually appealing anymore – not that it has been really appealing in the past. It’s great that the administration is nice enough to think that students will need more space to study, hence the library extension, and that we would prefer an easier way to move around campus, hence the link bridges to connect the buildings.

library extension

Still, as exciting as it can be, it can also be highly inconvenient. We are in Monash, because we want to pursue a viable future, so people might think that we are exceptionally hardworking to work towards that future. But oh ho, you cannot be more wrong.

Most of us get started on our assignments at the last minute, and more often than not, we complete our assignments an hour before the deadline. If there’s anything concrete that we’ve learned, it’s how to speed read and find ways to achieve the highest mark possible in the shortest time.

The same thing goes to commuting around campus on foot. We find the best shortcuts, we break rules – not stepping on grass, for example – and we make it to wherever our destination is on time, or just a couple of minutes late.

bridge building

For example, if we want to go from the MUSA office to Building 6, we cut across the field and maneuver our way around the smallest possible pathways just to save time. Or perhaps some of us just want to capture some idyllic moments on the area next to the open area of the cafeteria, we can just walk over and pull out our phones.

Those strategies are burned now with the construction going on. They have put up barriers everywhere, and while it is for safety, when has anyone of us ever care about that? We just want to get somewhere fast and easy, and the construction has put a cog in that desire.

Listen, if I have to get up off my butt five minutes earlier to get around campus the proper way, it’s not worth burning calories for.

While I am grateful that Monash are considering the students’ wellbeing, I just have fingers crossed that this construction can be over as soon as possible.

P.S. If they have the money to launch the construction all over the campus, why can’t they just replace the escalator that connects to the canopy walk? The thing breaks down once every two days, and if there’s anything that people don’t like more than walking, it’s having to walk up the stairs.

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