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Winterfest 2017 – Exchange Diaries Log #2

Winterfest 2017 – Ex...

Did you know you can legally drink alcohol out in the open on campus? Here’s a summary of Winterfest 2017; a week of winter-related events hosted by Monash across all Australian campuses.

Intro to Broadway 101

Intro to Broadway 101

In which we discuss about the art scene where people tell each other to break their legs for good luck! Also, what is this whole Hamilton thing even about?

Books Everyone Knows but No One Reads

Books Everyone Knows but N...

There is an almost-endless list of books out there to read and it would be impossible to read them all in one lifetime, yet there are books that everyone knows about but no one really reads them. This article serves you as a guide through three titles still relevant until today and how they shape the society that we know now.

Look Ma, We’re Famous!